After The Fall patch 1.1.34250 fixes kick issues and controls

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After The Fall has been updated with patch 1.1.34250, also known as the Holiday update, and it addresses quite a few things. One of the issues is the one of kicking players during levels, and the hub kick time has been increased from ten minutes to 30 minutes. Controls have also been updated with those playing on PSVR given an alternative control scheme for Move controllers, and some buttons being reconfigured. You can read the full patch notes below.


After The Fall Holiday update patch 1.1.34250 notes

  • Fixed: guns losing configurations when starting a level while in the crafting area

  • Fixed: Issue where items from the selection wheel would be swapped (instead of stacked) on the hand when holding a gun, while grabbing an item (booster/pipe bomb etc).

  • Fix where player can’t ‘Apply’ already unlocked Skins if they don’t have enough Harvest (while this is no longer a requirement at this state).

  • Fixed: Snap-to-grip advanced reloading.

  • Fixed: Difficulty check for skin unlocks

  • Fixed skin unlock requirement values.

  • Fixed: Moved leaving party on loading hub from ClientSceneSwitcherGameSystem to PartyGameSystem to prevent cases where leaving party is forgotten.

  • Fixed: Incorrect spawn location offset and incorrect anti-cheat reset location.

  • Fixed: Missile Power Device unlocks in the vending machine after completing Chinatown.

  • Removed unsupported laser pointer weapon part dropping from the loot tables

  • Reworked the way Harvest is saved at The Line/Armory. Instead of blindly saving it will calculate the harvest value of the player’s loadout. So it will refund accidently lost weapons or stuck parts in the crafting area.Note: Should you still lose your gun configuration, you will be refunded the harvest spent on these parts.

  • Full parties in matchmaking public parties will now start automatically after 20 seconds

  • Increased inactive kick time from 10m to 30m in the hub

  • Set ‘Allow Hand Item Swap’ setting to ‘Disabled’ by default

  • Updated weapon skin unlock values (more unlockable skins are added and unlock requirements are changed)

  • Added safety teleport back when head is stuck in anti-cheat for more than 5 seconds

GAMEPLAY (affects all platforms)
  • Fixed: Players could kick other players while in game levels.

  • Fixed: Players would inadvertently start loading a level because they receive a message from a party leader, of a party they are no longer a member of.

  • Fixed: Players would become visible in invisibility volumes in the hub, when they enter and exit a volume in the same frame.

  • Fixed: Some players would sometimes load the hub instead of the next voted-upon level.

  • Fixed: Ammo as a reward for completing missions.

  • Fixed: Loading crafting specific mesh data when not in a crafting scene.

  • Fixed issue where player could unlock achievement for healing self/other player when remote player uses a booster

  • Fixed issue that could cause the enlist machine to go to the party view when the player is not in a party (now goes back to home).

  • Added markers to the crafting tutorial

  • Localization updates to interface, items, missions, tutorial and voice lines.

  • Player Rotation is now allowed in endscreen

  • Moved Harry’s conversation events from ‘on crafting area left’ to ‘on crafting tutorial complete’ because players thought it would interrupt with Luna’s lines

  • Added marker to grab the ammo counter and triggered the grab tutorial to grab the console gun in the crafting tutorial sequence.

  • Added behaviour to respawn guns and parts back on the table if they fall on the ground or out of reach in the crafting area.

  • Added Slide release button setting.

  • Added support for max ammo when in the crafting zone.

  • Changed it so taking ammo out of your belt in the armory doesn’t cost any resources

  • Sometimes, at the Armory, skins aren’t visually applied to the attachments; this resolves itself when loading into a level, or placing it back on the weapon arm and removing it again.

SYSTEM UPDATES (affects all platforms)
Fixes & Changes
  • Fixed: Luna’s interaction volume size.

  • Fixed: Magenta coloured attachments.

  • Fixed exception when saving or loading persistence in some DateTime cultures

  • Updated Param files with added Product Name in it

  • Networking game connection analytics now only report on public network connections.

  • Set ‘Allow Hand Item Swap’ to ‘False’ by default.Item 1

  • Localization (interface & items).

  • Fixed: Unable to teleport using a dual shock.

  • Fixed: Fallback throwing strategy for single controller (when not using the throwing arc).

  • Fixed throwing arc no longer functional in single controller mode.

  • Added secondary control scheme for Move.

  • Active control scheme can be changed in the player settings menu

  • Updated PlayStation Move controls, swapped reload/weapon wheel buttons on PlayStation Aim controls

  • Added news update to PlayStation regarding input changes.

  • PS4 IAP settings.

  • Fixed: Pausing would no longer work as intended on Oculus platform.

In our review for After The Fall, Gareth wrote: “After the Fall is a fun co-op zombie shooter in VR, but with a lack of content at launch, awkwardly randomised attachment unlocks, and constantly separating parties between levels, it’s not without issues. I really want to love After the Fall and, honestly, I would be at peace with all of its flaws if it had more content.”

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