GigaBash KongKrete will let you fight titans as a building, coming to PC, PS4, and PS5

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GigaBash KongKrete has been revealed by Passion Republic Gamers, and it is a game in which titans, kaijus, and a building engage in city wide brawls. Now, the building is a monster itself called Kongkrete which uses its helpful disguise to hunt down and fight the other monsters in its path. The gameplay trailer shows the builiding in action as it takes on giant humans, snails, and other assorted beings. There is also a hint of a power up or evolution to change the building style.


In the description for GigaBash Kongkrete it reads: “For centuries, human technology and culture ruled the surface, yet the deeper secrets of the Earth lay hidden from our eyes. Until one day, the discovery of a new form of energy called forth the ancient terrors unknown to mankind. Thus began the rise of monsters around the world. Their battle against us and their own kind, raged throughout the world, leaving only destruction in their wake. Unleash Chaos and go on a rampage with up to 4 players, against friends or family, but only ONE can be KING. Play as giant monsters or heroes, and discover the secrets of their origin. Featuring familiar cities and exotic landscapes around the world, no place is safe from the coming havoc.”

Each arena will have unique features that could turn the battle for players in both the story campaign, and the multiplayer aspect of the game. The roster includes ten characters, two to be revealed, and they are Kongkrete, Gorogong, Skorak, Pipijuras, Rohanna, Thundatross, Woolley, and Gigaman. A release date for GigaBash KongKrete is yet to be confirmed by Passion Republic Games, though it is expected to be released at some point in early 2022. The game has been confirmed for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store as well as PS4 and PS5.

Source: YouTube/ Official Site

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