Triangle Strategy’s new trailer focuses on Roland Glenbrook

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Triangle Strategy has got a brand new trailer and it seems to be the first of a series of character profiles. The first Triangle Strategy character to get the trailer profile treatment is Roland Glenbrook, the Younger Prince of Glenbrook. Roland is an idealist who has to contend with the realities of being part of the Royal Family especially in war time, and all the choices that brings. Players will have to make decisions on issues that will see Roland’s idealism and reality clash and not every decision will be a good one it seems. These choices will also impact which characters will join the player’s party.


The game leans on the HD-2D art style of Octopath Traveler, but applies it to a different genre, with turn-based tactics now in the spotlight instead of classical JRPG action. Triangle Strategy promises to have deep and meaningful RPG story that’s full of choices and shifting consequences through a branching narrative. You play as Serenoa, heir of House Wolffort, and command a group of warriors through a tangled plot, leaning on your convictions of Utility, Morality and Liberty. It’s not just you that shapes the story at key points, but other characters as well who will cast votes on the Scales of Conviction, determining the fate of the continent of Norzelia.

In our preview from the Project Triangle Strategy demo, Dom said: “Joining a host of marvellous triangular things, Project Triangle Strategy could have a narrative as fluid as a PG Tips tea bag, a cast of characters as sweet as a Toblerone, and gameplay with the snap and crunchy of a Dorito. They do only have one shot at it – really, for the magic to work it needs to be a trilogy – but from every angle, Project Triangle Strategy looks like another glorious RPG from Square Enix. This is definitely one to keep an eye-ess, oh-ess, sea-ee ell-ee-ess on.”

Triangle Strategy will be released on March 4th for Nintendo Switch.

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