PS5 Stock UK – BT have consoles

PS5 Stock UK

If you are a BT Broadband customer and have an access code then BT currently have consoles for sale, and seem to have quite a few as they have been on sale for a day and, as of 11am on 14th January 2022, still not sold out! You can grab one here.

If you’re not a BT customer you may want to be near a keyboard later this month. The reliable PS5StockAlert on Twitter feed is suggest that Argos will go live a PS5 restock between 25th-28th of January with the sale going live at 8am.

You may also like try one of these UK retailers.

Sony has launched their direct store in the UK for PlayStation hardware, accessories, games and more and that’s a good bet if you are trying to get a console. The UK PlayStation Direct store has followed on from the German store that arrived on 8th November, with France, Belgium and Luxembourg also getting a regional store. This follows on from the US version that launched in 2019.

While the US store cooked up a registration and raffle system for distributing whatever PS5 stock came into the store, the European stores have gone for direct sales

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The PS5StockAlertUK Twitter feed has previously commented on the air freighting of PS5 consoles. “Air freighting consoles will help many people purchase a PS5 console for Christmas, but will also result in a longer patch during Q1 2022 once Sony switches back to shipping consoles via sea,” they warned. That does seem to be the case, PS5 Stock UK is extremely hard to come by at present.

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