Bloodborne PS1 is as great as it sounds, play it now

bloodborn ps1 demake

A PS1 version of Bloodborne has been released and is available to play right now, for free.  Of course, this demake is an unofficial fan project, with no ties to Sony, PlayStation, or the original Bloodborne developers, FromSoftware.


Bloodborne PSX does exactly what it says on the tin, reimagining the seminal action RPG as a 90s title for the PlayStation. Creator LWMedia has really leaned into this aesthetic with an evocative lo-fi art style, even going as far as adding a CRT filter, making it feel as though you’ve been transported to the pre-HD era.

Faithfully recreating a large portion of Bloodborne, hunters will scour the streets of Yharnam, visiting familiar locales and battling memorable enemies. It’s a fantastic adaptation of the original game and one that even weaves some retro goodness into the control scheme. Playable with a gamepad, you’ll note that the default control scheme shuns sticks in favour of d-pad character movement and trigger button camera controls.

Here’s a synopsis of what you can expect:

Travel to the gothic Victorian city of Yharnam, whose blood-soaked roads are filled with unspeakable terrors hidden behind every corner.

Wield over 10 unique hunter weapons using the Strategic Action Combat system to vanquish your foes. Dodge incoming attacks with your hunter’s quick step ability, parry enemies with your quicksilver firearm, and transform your trick weapon to tailor your loadout for any encounter in this new, next generation 3D experience that blends RPG and Action in a way you’ve been seen before.

Only one question remains: Can you survive the night?

Like blood-starved beasts, fans of the game have been eagerly waiting for more Bloodborne news. FromSoftware has wrapped Elden Ring with no firm details on what the studio has next in the pipeline. While some have speculated that another Sony tag-team could be on the cards for Bloodborne 2, we can only speculate for now.

Even if a sequel never materialises, a Bloodborne PS5 release (or even a performance patch) would go down a treat.

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