Transformers Beyond Reality launches this March for PSVR and Steam

Transformers Beyond Reality
Transformers Beyond Reality

Not quite sure how I missed this when it was announced but there’s a new Transformers game on the way. Transformers Beyond Reality will launch on March for 31st for PlayStation VR and Steam VR.

The game is being developed by Meta4 and is an on the rails shooter which finds you, a human, helping the Autobots fight off the their age old enemy, the Deceptions. The battle will rage across Earth and you also get to visit Cybertron.

Unfortunately that all we know about the game, the official website is rather thin on details.

There’s at least two other Transformers games on the way, Hasbro are stepping in to the video game market and have opened a new Raleigh-Durham Studio to create AAA games for consoles and PC, including a G.I. Joe game. The Wizards of the Coast studio is headed up by industry veterans from WB Games and other AAA studios. Alongside the G.I. Joe game they are also creating new games based on Transformers, Ouija, and Micronauts.

There’s also the Transformers Online game which Certain Affinity have been working on for quite some time, the game was recently retitled Transformers: Rise.

In 2019 leaks suggested that Certain Affinity were working on a new third or first person shooter called Transformers Online. The game was officially announced by Leyou at the Chinajoy 2019 convention. Well, we thought it was, they specifically stated that Certain Affinity was working on the the game which is for consoles and PC, but since then everyone has denied the game exists including Certain Affinity.

More recently Aaron Hamilton Cook, a Senior Producer at Certain Affinity, spoke to the Game Dev with a Shot of Jameson podcast and listed in his credits was the title “Transformers: Rise”, but that was quickly deleted from the credits.

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