New Transformers game in production, tentatively titled Transformers Online

Huzzah and hooray, there’s a new Transformers game in the works! Texas based developers Certain Affinity are in charge, the name may not be familiar to you but they have worked on plenty of big games including numerous entries in the Halo series, Doom, and Left 4 Dead. They have previously released Age of Booty via Capcom on last gen consoles and are also working on their own IP, Last Expedition for current gen consoles and PC.

Details are thin on the ground but the game is rumoured to be called Transformers Online.That name does suggest multiplayer will be a big part of the game and another document states the game is “a third person shooting game”. Certain Affinity have only developed console and PC games in the past so there’s very little chance this being a mobile title, and there’s already two very successful mobile Transformer games anyway.

Plot twist: Transformers Online already exists but only in China. The game has been developed by Tencent and has been in beta since 2017, this new title shares the name (at present) but doesn’t have any links to the existing game.

Source: TFW2005

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  1. Get ready for transformers battle royale.

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