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If there’s one thing that modern racing games need, outside of a solid career mode, great handling, a good selection of cars, competitive AI and refined graphics, it’s a great multiplayer set up. OK, so that’s six things…. but GRID Legends is definitely aiming to get the multiplayer right. We’ve been hands on with it today, capturing gameplay footage and checking out some of the key features, which you can see in our video here:

By and large we’ll let the above gameplay do the talking, but here’s where Grid Legends stands out from the crowd: the hop-in feature to join mid-race. If a race is in the first 60% of its full length, then you can join that lobby, load in and take control from an AI driver – the game will randomly select from the available AI drivers, so you could jump in and be placed literally anywhere in the race.

This works across both full multiplayer sessions where AI are backfilling the grid, as well as the career mode, where you can play in co-op. We got to see it in action, and it worked perfectly, even if I was a little bit disoriented by loading into Bathurst Reverse!

Aside from that, Grid Legends multiplayer can get pretty wild, and that’s in part thanks to all of the options available in the Race Creator. There’s regular races, split-class, elimination, drift events and more, all available across the game’s many tracks and with dramatic weather conditions. The action on track can also be pretty cut throat out there, whether intentionally or not, so you’ll want to make judicious use of your limited instant car resets.

GRID Legends is out on 25th February across PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One and PC – oh, multiplayer is cross-platform, by the way. For more on the game, we’ve got a preview of the story career mode from last month, or just keep your beady eyes out for a full review around the game’s launch.

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  1. I suspect that the bloke/lass in first in the drift race may have been cheating, 1.8 million points!!!

    • Haha, not even! Their chain ran out of time and banked it. The best score was around 13 million at the end!

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