No Man’s Sky Sentinel is another huge update for the spacefaring game

We’re now a good five and a half years on from the release of No Man’s Sky in 2016, and Hello Games is still churning out huge updates to their sweeping space exploration and survival game. No Man’s Sky Sentinel is out today and makes a whole bunch of improvements, with the biggest and most notable being an overhaul of the combat and some intriguing new AI systems.


The Sentinel update all revolves around the Sentinels that police the planets you explore and love to get all fussy at you. To make them much more engaging, there’s new weapons and abilites being added to the game, including the charged energy shotgun, active camo and stun grenades, while mechs can now be programmed to protect you. All of your weapons have been given a visual overhaul, as well as improvements to how they feel.

The Sentinels now come in several classes to battle, including Heavies, Summoners, Medics and an Exo-Mech.

This update will also add lore to explain how the Sentinels came to be. It will surely explain the new “nests”, which you can raid for big rewards, which can include finding a friendly AI drone that you can program to be your little buddy.

You’ll also be able to take on new stories and missions with the crew of the Space Anomaly, and more.

Head here for the full patch notes and changes.

No Man’s Sky is out for PlayStation, Xbox and PC, with VR support on platforms that have it, and this is a free update wherever you’re playing, but…. what if you could play it in bed? Last week, Hello Games and Nintendo had the lovely surprise announcement that No Man’s Sky is coming to the Nintendo Switch. How are they going to cram all of this down to fit on the Switch? I guess we’ll find out in the summer.

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  1. They really are just going to keep updating it and porting it forever, aren’t they?

    Good news is, if they’re doing a Switch port, and they’ve updated it to be “specially optimised” for the Steam Deck, they’re going to put a VR mode into the PS5 version when PSVR2 launches, right? They have to, surely?

    And the patch notes still manage to amuse me every time. This one “Fixed an issue that asked players for an inappropriate amount of faecium”

    • And the PS4 version doesn’t seem to have got the update yet. PS5, fine. PS4? Still not happened for some reason.

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