Bethesda Launcher is shutting down – PC players can migrate their games to Steam

Bethesda has announced that the Bethesda Launcher storefront on PC is being shut down with users able to migrate their games and Wallet to a Steam account.

The migration option will be available from April, with Bethesda Launcher then shutting down in May as a method for launching and playing owned games. There’s currently no stated end date to the migration period, but Bethesda encourages everyone to do so as soon as possible, and are actively pushing people to shuffle across.

Starting in April, you’ll be able to simply migrate your library from to your Steam account, also transferring any Wallet store credit to Valve’s ubiquitous platform. Given the jump between platforms, Bethesda have a tricky situation to deal with in letting players migrate game progression and saves over to a Steam account, so you can continue playing where you left off. Some saves will apparently transfer automatically, but others will require manual transfers. Bethesda will provide specific FAQs for this, but have already noted that Wolfenstein: Youngblood will not be possible to transfer.

This also isn’t the end of needing a account in order to play some games. Online titles like Fallout 76 will still require a account going forward, but the game itself will now launch from Steam. There’s also no change to have The Elder Scrolls Online is accessed and launched on PC.

The move makes a lot of sense for Bethesda, as they now exist as part of Microsoft’s Xbox gaming division. Having a specific Bethesda Launcher doesn’t make sense when Microsoft has Xbox Game Pass that includes most Bethesda games, has the Microsoft Store on Windows, and just generally doesn’t get any tangible benefits from maintaining a separate store – they’ll still be able to harvest data and player engagement through metrics and accounts. What is a touch surprising is that they’re shunting users over to Steam, when they have these in-house alternatives, though Microsoft has brought all of their PC games to Steam over the last few years, recognising that it is the preferred platform for the majority of PC gamers.

Source: Bethesda

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