The PSN is back to normal after experiencing issues [Updated]

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Update 24th March – We don’t know exactly when exactly, but Sony managed to fix the outstanding issues with PlayStation Now, and everything is green dots of joy on the the PSN Status page.

Update 16:30PM – As of this time, Sony is reporting that Gaming and Social and the PlayStation Store are both back up and running, though PlayStation Now is still experiencing issues, specifically for streaming games.


PlayStation Network is currently experiencing issues with several core parts of Sony’s online infrastructure experiencing issues. This includes ‘Gaming and Social’, ‘PlayStation Now’ and ‘PlayStation Store’. You can still manage your account, though.

PSN Offline

This is leading to some strange issues for gamers. In particular, Elden Ring players are seeing errors that they need PlayStation Plus in order to play – in theory this should be fixed by playing the game with online features disables, or simply taking the console offline – though this has come alongside planned maintenance that’s also running long for the game.

The difficulties follow the release of a new firmware update for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, though it would be quite exceptional for them to be the root cause, given that both were in a six-week beta testing period prior to their wider public release. The update amends the party chat system, bringing back one-off party creation similar to how it was through the first 7 years of the PS4’s lifetime.

Here’s hoping that Sony is able to get things fixed up quickly. The latest problems come a week after their premier racing game Gran Turismo 7 suffered a 30 hour server outage which made the game effectively unplayable and highlighted the serious flaws in the thinking behind having online-only video games. That’s just part of why GT7 players are miffed at Sony and Polyphony right now, though…

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  1. Weirdly, when I turned my PS4 just now it started in Safe Mode and asked me to reinstall the system software, meaning everything would be deleted… But knowing how odd PS consoles can be with software, I simply forced an unexpected shut down (i.e. I unplugged it while it was on) and miraculously it is now working again!

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