LEGO Bricktales announced – an adorable construction-filled puzzler coming out this year

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LEGO Bricktales has been revealed by Thunderful and Bridge Constrtor developer Clockstone, a new puzzle game with inventive brick-by-brick LEGO construction at the heart of all the solutions. No platforms have been announced just yet, but the game is targeting a 2022 release.


Lego Bricktales has players journeying through five different Lego biomes on a story of discovery, visiting custom built Lego dioramas, each of which is home to a different puzzle that you have to solve. It’s here that the creativity of Lego will get to shine through as you have to make a Lego build out of the provided bricks and items in order to solve a particular puzzle, some of which will be physics-based.

In the trailer, that’s creating a helicopter out of parts of a destroyed plane in order to rescue a journalist stuck in a tree. Other examples include building a market stand, music box, or movable cranes. You’ll be guided in some ways by the minifigure characters that you meet along the way, but really it’s up to you to take the parts your given and figure out how to reach a solution.

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Throughout the trailer, you can definitely see some of Clockstone’s physics puzzling pedigree shining through. Bridge Constructor was all about putting together increasingly unwieldy bridges, and has spawned a number of tie-in spin offs with Portal and The Walking Dead. This is on a whole other level though and really sees them stepping up to full 3D and a deeper physics simulation. It definitely feels like there’s a bit of Captain Toad’s style of diorama puzzling, mixed in with some of the slapstick simulation of a Kerbal Space Programme, though these may or may not be serving as meaningful inspirations.

Tri Do Dinh, Game Designer at Clockstone said, “Everyone loves LEGO Bricks, and we are no exception, so we couldn’t be happier to get the chance to work on a LEGO videogame. We hope you enjoy this first look at LEGO Bricktales and will have a great time diving into the game’s story, sandbox mode, unlockable abilities and much more!”

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