What We Played #572 – Lego Bricktales, Street Fighter 6 & Bayonetta 3

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It’s that time of the week where we take a look back at the last seven days and have a long hard think about what we’ve played. I’ll tell you what, it’s harder than you think, and this week seems particularly hard because it’s had roughly 124 days in it. However, in that short time I’ve played a hecking load of Bayonetta 3 and it’s thus far as bonkers as you could hope. I’ve also finished up my playthrough of Space Marine, and it’s even better than I remember, with its Gears of War and God of War mish-mash of combat being a continually brutal delight. Besides that there’s been some Moonbreaker, somemore  Dakar Desert Rally and some Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed which was on sale on Steam, and remains my favourite kart game of all time.

Bayonetta 3 Homunculi

Nic B played [embargoed] and Pokémon Go, so it’s been a pretty standard week for him! Gamoc meanwhile played Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous for review, saying, “It’s rather large.”

Tef played three things that he cannot tell you about, but insists they’re all things you’ll want him to tell you about. Also, he reviewed Lego Bricktales, telling us that it’s “a really great take on Lego, both visually and with puzzling. Just hoping there’s a few rough edges that can be polished out in an update or two.”

Lego Bricktales Characters

Aran finished Lost In Random which he liked quite a lot. Telling us why, he said, “The card based fighting system was fun and the story decent. Also started Kena Bridge of Spirits which l’ll need to properly dive into. Played a couple of matches on FIFA 23 getting to division 8 in Ultimate Team.”

Steve played the very Stranger Things-esque Echo Generation, and the also very Stranger Things Unusual Findings – the first a cool take on JRPG and the latter a traditional point-and-click with a few twists. He continued his trawling of the Steam store’s demos too but “the hit rate was a lot lower this time – or the size of my backlog has made me pickier. I also picked up the lovely-looking Asterigos (the demo of which I absolutely loved) but haven’t had chance to play it yet. With Scorn releasing on Friday, that’ll be my next obsession.”

Street Fighter 6 Extreme Battle

Nick P played all the Street Fighter 6, so nothing else is really worth mentioning… “obviously, it was amazing”. He also played PGA Tour 2K23 and Overwatch 2 for review, as well as his usual jaunts on Dead by Daylight and Fortnite.

Tuffcub has been in NYC and played Stardust, Uncharted and Killzone on PS Vita. He is delighted to tell you that “all are still rather fabulous.”

What about you? Been playing much?

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  1. I bought what i thought was the Dishonored 1& 2 bundle – great games for my legacy library but not that i wanted to jump into them right away.
    But i did so anyway and quickly realized that it was actually Dishonored 2 plus a new standalone DLC that had passed me by somehow – Score! After a half-hearted return to Fallout 4 and some Stanley Parable i have something to fully engage with again!

  2. Decided to finish the Far Cry 5 story and got the canon ending. I enjoyed a number of aspects, particularly when I got a silenced sniper rifle and peaches – outposts didn’t know what hit them! But something is very wrong when you need to look up a key aspect of the ending – apparently the clues were there but easily missed which is just a massive failure of the story telling.

    When I went back in though I found I had little enthusiasm to go and get the remaining collectibles or complete the few outstanding side quests so time to find something else to play…

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