Bugsnax free Isle of Bigsnax DLC drops 28th April – coming to Xbox Game Pass & Switch

Bugsnax is going big later this month with the release date of the free Isle of Bigsnax DLC expansion update set for 28th April, and the game making the jump from PlayStation exclusivity to coming to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam on the same day. It will also be a part of the Xbox Game Pass for both console and PC!

The Isle of Bigsnax adds a brand new area to the game, a biome that’s twice the size of anything else previously seen in the game. The game needs the space because, as you’ll soon discover, it’s filled with gigantic Bugsnax that are massively oversized.

The free DLC expansion will add roughly 3 hours of new gameplay to the game as you and your fellow grumpuses go to explore this land that has suddenly burst out of the sea right off hte coast of Snaktooth Island. There will be a greater emphasis on environmental puzzles, such as a vertical maze to explore with your buggy ball, mechanical ruins to use the trip shot with, and the ability to spread fires.

Young Horses also promise a bunch of quality of life updates across the game, smaller story beats and new secrets to uncover.

Looking back at the original release, our Bugsnax review saw Nic enamoured with the quirky new title from the makers of Octodad, dropping you onto an island where you literally are what you eat, and what you eat is living food. In the review he said:

“Bugsnax is a unique and wonderful experience, and a must-play for anyone who can get their hands on it. If you’re lucky enough to have secured a PS5, make sure you make the most of PlayStation Plus and pick up your free copy while it lasts. If not, this game is still well worth your hard-earned cash.”

Bugsnax is out now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and for PC via the Epic Games Store. It was also given away through PlayStation Plus for the launch month of the PlayStation 5 in November 2020 – you’re late to the party, in other words. if you didn’t grab it then, you can soon pick it up for the platform of your choice on 28th April.

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