Flight Simulator Top Gun: Maverick DLC is coming out this month

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Microsoft and Asobo Studio have announced that the free Top Gun: Maverick DLC “experience” for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be coming out on 25th May. You’ll be able to check out the new fighter jet content across PC, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Cloud Gaming.


Originally expected to arrive last year, the Top Gun: Maverick DLC was delayed alongside the film’s release, and it makes sense that the experience is being added to the game just days before the 27th May theatrical debut. The movie tie in will obvious work best and have the biggest mutual benefit if it launches around the time of the movie.

It’s not yet known what the Top Gun: Maverick content will include, but even if it’s as simple as including a fighter jet and giving you some particular flight challenges, it’s still going to be rather different to many of the planes currently found in the game.

Asobo has been very busy through the last two years, first releasing Flight Simulator for PC in the summer of 2020, and then following that up with the Xbox Series X|S release a year later. We reviewed Flight Simulator on console, with great things to say:

“Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X|S is a remarkable achievement, and one which brings the flight simulator experience into your living room with emphatic effect. There’s no sense that this is a cut-back console port, but one that widens the genre’s influence into places it’s never conquered before.”

The game releases might be the two high points of the game’s life to date, but Asobo has also regularly updated it around those milestones, alternating between updates to the underlying simulation and enhancing the environmental detail through different regions in the game’s recreation of the world. The game includes literally the whole world for you to fly across, but in order to feature that amount of data Asobo had to come up with a novel approach of taking Bing Maps satellite imagery and allowing AI to fill in buildings, roads, bridges and more for much of the planet. They then selectively added hand-modelled airports and landmarks and improved city detail with flyby data. That work has continued since launch with 8 world updates, the most recent of which arrived in March and enhanced Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar and Andorra.

We look forward to seeing where they’ll update next.

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