Venom limbers up for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

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Since Sony and Insomniac first announced Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 we’ve seen very little of the project. Along with a cliff-hanger of a trailer, we also got a tentative release window of 2023 – not exactly much to go on.

The latest update we have is from Tony Todd, the horror film icon lending his voice to Spider-Man 2’s Venom. He recently tweeted “Early riser. #Mocap time.” which many have assumed is in reference to his work on the superhero sequel. Although Venom is hulking alien monster, it’s likely that Todd will bring him to like via Insomniac’s cutting edge performance capture tech. Spidey fans were quick to spot the tweet, Todd liking and even retweeting their responses. It’s by no means confirmation though it doesn’t appear the actor has any other active projects that may require motion capture.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 – Who is Venom?

Instantly recognisable as The Candyman from 1992’s horror hit of the same name, Todd has more genre credits than you can shoot a web at.

In the world of video games, he’s leant his voice to a number of characters including Marvel’s Blade as well as Dota 2’s Dragon Knight, Night Stalker, and Viper. He was also the narrator of acclaimed PlayStation favourite, The Legend of Dragoon – read here the top 10 PlayStation RPGs of all time.

Venom is an interesting yet wholly unsurprising choice of villain for Spider-Man 2. We won’t go into story spoilers though his potential appearance was hinted at throughout the original game as well as Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. However, this first glimpse of the sequel may have thrown a spanner in terms of popular fan theories regarding Venom’s identity. As comic readers and movie goers will know, Venom is an alien that attaches itself to a human host. Insomniac has yet to confirm who this is yet many are speculating it’s another popular Spidey villain. That villainous voice could belong to Kraven the Hunter, a founding member of the Sinister Six. If you look closely at some of the enemies Peter Parker and Miles Morales are fighting, they definitely have that feral Kraven vibe about them.

And what of Insomniac’s other upcoming superhero game? Marvel’s Wolverine is likely a long way off – here’s our characters, story, and gameplay predictions.

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