Hunt Showdown update 1.55 brings new content

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Hunt Showdown update 1.55 has been released for consoles, adding the latest content and changes from PC patch 1.8.1.

Available to download on PS4 and Xbox One, Hunt Showdown update 1.55 introduces two new enemy types as well as an overhaul to the quest system.

As you roam The Bayout in search of bounties, you’ll now run into Pistol Grunts who will try and clobber hunters with their broken sidearm, letting off a loud gunshot upon impact. Then there’s the Lantern Grunt who carries… a lantern. Depending on whether it’s lit or unlit, a successful attack will set hunters ablaze or create an oil puddle.

Another important change is the removal of Daily and Weekly challenges. These have been replaced by Quests which can be found under the new Summons tab. Resetting every Monday, completing them will earn you special items and stars which can be cashed in for premium currency. Players can choose which two Quests to pursue with the option to add a third by paying Bloodbonds.

Hunt Showdown Update 1.55 Patch  Notes

New Quest System – “Summons”

The new Quest system replaces the Daily and Weekly Challenges and can be found in the progress section under the “Summons” tab. Players will have to complete quests to collect a new reward called “stars” – this is separate from the Trials stars and will have a different symbol. These quests will reset every Monday.


Added two new Grunt variations to the game. Introducing the Pistol Grunt, an AI that carries a broken pistol which causes a loud gunshot sound when it hits a player with a melee attack, and the Lantern Grunt, an AI that carries a lantern. If you are quick enough, this lantern can used by players if you manage to kill the Grunt before you are hit with it.

Both variations have been added to the default spawn pools for all three maps.

Pistol Grunt

  • New Grunt AI Variation
  • Wields a rusted broken pistol
  • Will attempt to melee attack hunters with the broken pistol, which causes it to explode and play a loud gunshot sound.
  • Will not discharge a bullet and therefore only deals melee damage.
  • The broken pistol cannot be picked up or used by hunters, and will disappear shortly after its effect has been triggered.

Lantern Grunt

  • New Grunt AI Variation
  • Holds a Lantern, which can be lit or unlit
  • Will attempt to melee attack hunters with the Lantern, breaking the Lantern in the process.
    • If the Lantern is lit, this will create a small fire explosion (similar to throwing a Lantern)
    • If the Lantern is unlit, this will create an oil pool on the ground which can be ignited as per usual
  • Killing the Grunt before they break the Lantern will cause them to drop the Lantern, which can be picked up and used by hunters.

Grunts Modifications

  • When shooting grunts in the arm or on death, they will now drop the weapon they are carrying. For example, Doctor Grunts will drop their poisoned saw and others will drop their torch or cleaver.
  • These weapons are not usable by players.
  • Dropped torches however can ignite oil pools or trigger explosive barrels. However the torches will not harm hunters directly once dropped.


Brawler Variant adjustments

  • Increased Heavy Melee Damage on all Brawler variants to bring them in line with Dusters.
  • Stamina consumption remains unchanged (Dusters are still more efficient).

Nitro Custom ammo name adjustment

  • Renamed the Nitro ‘Dum Dum’ ammo to ‘Shredder’.
  • This is purely a cosmetic change and does not affect gameplay in anyway.


  • Bullet Casings are now audible when they fall on the ground.
  • Hanging Chains and other objects now play a subtle sound when crouch walking through them.
  • Sound Design improvements on the Door impacts and destruction


  • Decreased spawn rate of Golden Cash Registers.

Bug Fixes


  • The Ladder Desync Exploit
Developer’s Note:

This issue was a high priority to us, and we are excited that we were able to fix this for 1.8.1. Thank you for reporting players that were abusing this exploit and for helping us fix this on Test Server!

  • Fixed an issue where red skull kills were giving XP and counted towards “kills” for KDA.
  • Fixed an issue where ambient audio was not looped properly on night maps.


  • Banished bosses should no longer drop their bounties in unreachable places.
  • Fixed a bug where AI was sometimes able to hear players through some obstacles.
  • Fixed a bug where grunts were not always facing their attacker properly.
  • Fixed a bug where the Butcher could not be properly interrupted the first time it taunted.
  • Butcher will stop roaming when no players are around.


  • Addressed a bug where the Berthier Riposte Iron sights were slightly misaligned.
  • Addressed a bug where the Depth of Field blur would stay too long on the Berthier Deadeye
  • Addressed a bug where the Iron Sights on the Romero 77 were misaligned.


  • Addressed a bug where D-pad buttons would switch to wrong items until they were re-assigned when using a controller
  • Addressed a bug where the Conduit Trait wouldn’t apply its effects when picking up a Bounty
  • Addressed a bug where players could extend their Dark Sight Boost duration with the Serpent Trait
  • Addressed an issue that could lock the camera after reconnecting to a mission
  • Addressed a couple of cases where the extraction timer would reset when dead players in the extraction radius would leave the game to the menu
  • Addressed a bug where the Wellspring could not be picked up from a player that had permanently disconnected from the game


  • Addressed a bug where the objectives would not revert to “Collect the Bounty” after losing two bounty tokens (still shows “Extract the Bounty” for both bosses).
  • Addressed a bug that caused the D-pad navigation in the contract screen to break when using a controller.
  • Addressed a rare bug that causes filters to be highlighted in roster even when not applied.
  • Addressed a bug that lead to filters for consumables and tools to be unresponsive.
  • Addressed a rare issue that caused buttons to overlap on top of others in specific conditions.
  • Addressed an issue that allowed players to click through the hunter equipment pop up on the Bounty Hunt menu onto other tabs and subtabs
  • Addressed a bug where the normal bow ammo was always greyed out in the weapon wheel
  • Addressed a bug that would break the equipment bar when changing the equipment by looting from a hunter under special conditions
  • Addressed a rare issue that caused a discard pop up to be displayed when the player wants to have two contraband pistols (as dual) equipped
  • Addressed an issue that would cause buttons to overlap while on the legendary recruits screen while forming an invited team
  • Player cannot give a Dark Tribute offering while in matchmaking in a team anymore
  • Addressed a bug where both Partners in a team of three could be displayed as “Partner 2”.
  • Addressed an Option issue when clicking on the right side of an audio settings tab would open the drop-down list.

Crytek has teased that more DLC and game changes are on the way. Check back for news on the next Hunt Showdown update.

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