Green Hell VR heads to Steam in June

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Green Hell VR is going to be released through Steam on June 8th, Incuvo has confirmed. This is not the first VR release for Green Hell, with the game having been released on Quest 2 in April. The Steam version Green Hell VR gives better graphic fidelity, different UI options, and over 60 mechanics for different elements of the game such as hunting, building, and crafting.


“After two years of work we are thrilled to launch our game on Steam. The decision to split the PCVR and Quest launches was right, over these few extra weeks, we managed to polish important elements in the game to make it worth the wait. We appreciate all the community support, those who have already been playing in Quest 2, and shared feedback – we thank you and hope you enjoy the PCVR version just as much,” said Andrzej Wychowaniec, CEO at Incuvo.

The features include:

  • Face the Jungle – Survive in an authentic recreation of the amazonian jungle with its autochthonous flora and fauna.
  • Survive – Search, hunt, or run for your life from predators. Deadly animals are a threat you cannot underestimate; watch out for jaguars, crocodiles, scorpions, snakes, and frogs.
  • Immersive Exploration – Traverse across dense forest foliage, opening new exploration routes to find resources or build a shelter.

  • Tactical Tool Crafting – Challenge yourself to stay alive, crafting valuable tools to help you on your journey
  • Multiple endings – Unearth the puzzle pieces to track back Jack’s steps and crack open the mystery that led you into this mess of a Green Hell.

In our review for Green Hell, Steve wrote, “Green Hell is a fantastic survival experience with an exemplary sense of place and peril. Creepy Jar have really nailed the feeling of loneliness and despair that true isolation would lead to and married this to some well balanced challenges and a refreshingly user friendly approach. The range of ways to play are really welcome and should ensure that even those players who may be turned off by the rigours of hunger and thirst mechanics can enjoy the immersive jungle experience. This may not be a welcoming jungle, but there’s plenty of fun and games to be had.”

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