No Man’s Sky is being enhanced for PSVR 2

No Man's Sky Update

In an announcement that really shouldn’t be a surprise, Hello Games has confirmed that they’re enhancing No Man’s Sky for PlayStation VR2, and it will be a free update as and when that is released – currently speculated to be early 2023.

In a blog post to go with the announcement, Hello Games’ Sean Murray looked back on the original PlayStation VR version of the game, where they decided in 2019 “rebuild the game from the ground up.”

Cockpits and control systems of starships and land vehicles were rebuilt, menu systems and interfaces redesigned, teleportation controls, terrain manipulation, warp effects were all redesigned to heightened the dynamism, tacticity and exhilaration of your adventure. No aspect of the experience was overlooked in our drive for maximum immersion.

In the years that have passed, looking back on the planet you’ve just left as it recedes from view, staring up as your life-sized ship teleports in above you, or creating a towering base structure in VR solo or with friends, has never gotten old. In a VR headset, creatures seem closer and more familiar, space battles more ferocious and frenetic, planetary vistas more expansive and zen-like.

However, VR headsets have moved on since then, and Hello Games feels like they “have the opportunity to immerse the player to a whole new level.”

The new PlayStation VR2 headset, the new Sense controllers and the raw power of the PS5 should help them reach that next level, though it will be interesting to see how different it is to the PC VR headset support, which already has access to higher resolutions, individual hand controllers and more. Will these be updated to? We’ll have to see.

No Man’s Sky continues to grow, with developer Hello Games now targeting other platforms. Having launched on PSVR in 2019, Xbox One in 2020 (with cross-play), then on new-gen systems, the team’s next big challenge is to condense their ever-evolving behemoth on the Nintendo Switch. That’s going to take an awful lot of optimisation… and they’re still churning out an endless stream of content updates too!

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