Be a bear and run a B&B in Bear & Breakfast – coming out in July

Bear & Breakfast Header

Featured during the Summer Game Fest Day of the Devs stream Bear & Breakfast is a quirky management sim in which you (a bear) run a B&B out in the wilderness. Bear & Breakfast is out for Nintendo Switch and PC on 28th July 2022.

Meet Hank. Hank is a bear. Hank is a bear that wants to build and run a bed & breakfast out in the woods. Hank is the best, even if the cartoon trailer makes it look like a pretty wild place to try and stay.

Bear & Breakfast is described as a laid-back management adventure game, blending a story in with all of the usual management sim elements. You’ll set out to build up a B&B, crafting furniture, buildings stuff and constructing rooms that are filled with all the accoutrements that your customers could want for. Ideally you’ll be improving on your B&B by adding points to your establishment’s worth, but you’ll also be trying to fulfil some requests along the way.

But beware the forest, as there’s a creepy subplot and mystery to unravel as you play…

Coming from Gummycat Games, Bear & Breakfast is out on 28th July for Switch and PC.

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