Skate Story looks like a diamond demon dream for skaters

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Sam Eng and Devolver Digital have revealed Skate Story, a curious take on the skate board genre that has you tricking your way through a dark, dreamlike world. Skate Story is coming out for PC in 2023.

Here’s the pitch:

You are a demon in the Underworld, made out of glass and pain. The Devil has given you a skateboard with a simple deal: Skate to the Moon and swallow it — and you shall be freed.

Naturally this means you’ll be doing ollies, kickflips and grinds as you try to make your way through the underworld. You’re not alone as you chase after giant floating diamonds and orbs, as there’s other demons and/or tortured souls within this realm. You’ll have skate fast as you can and pull precise tricks to destroy the demons and save those souls from damnation, all while trying not to fall and shatter yourself.

Deeper and deeper you will go through the nine layers of The Underworld, encountering surreal landscapes with waxed ledges, wide gaps to leap across and more. You’ll have over 70 skate tricks to master and improve, completing skate trials to level up and earn new gear, but you can also find more freeform skate spots to cut back and relax a bit.

The trailer puts all of this to beautiful and haunting ‘Set it on Fire by Blood Cultures, who provide the soundtrack to the game – additional track by John Fio.

This one looks pretty special. Keep an eye on it as it comes closer to release next year.

What else looked good from Devolver Digital’s suitably weird and wonderful Summer Game Fest Stream? Well, they set a release date for Cult of the Lamb (which we already knew was good), they showed the hyperactive first person shooter Anger Foot, and the simply delightful looking The Plucky Squire. Looks like there’s a good year ahead for fans of Devolver’s indie publishing efforts.

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