The PS Plus Double Discounts and PlayStation Indies sales are now on

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Two new sales have gone live on the PlayStation store, the PS Plus Double Discounts sale and PlayStation Indies sales. The Indies sales is what you might expect, offers on smaller titles, whereas the Double Discounts sale offers a discount on games but if you have PlayStation Plus you get an extra reduction in price.

There are hundreds of games and DLC packs on offer and as usual Sony haven’t listed the games, they haven’t even mentioned the sale on the PS Blog, so here are few choice picks. For the full list head over to the PlayStation Store you can find the PlayStation Indies sale here and the PS Plus Double Discounts sale here. 

PS Plus Double Discounts sale picks
PlayStation Indies sale picks

By the way, the Deal of the Week is Dark Souls 3 which you can pick up for £11.24.

What will the PS Plus June 2022 games be?

Sony has confirmed what Areajugones and billbil-kun told us in the last few days, revealing that God of War 2018 will be the headline game in PS Plus June. Considering that it’s already been given away with PS Plus Collection, and that it’s included in the PS Plus Extra game library, some people are a bit miffed.

Here’s the full line up:

If you’ve not already played it or been given it for free for buying a PS5 – maybe you’re a humble PS4 owner still? – then God of War is the must-play game in this selection of three games. One of the biggest PlayStation exclusives of the last generation, it reboots the series with Kratos having grown older, started a new family and matured as a father figure to his son. Now with a pantheon of Norse gods to rip and tear his way through, while looking after his son Atreus, it drew plaudits from across the games industry for its narrative, overhauled combat, and graphical excellence.

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