Redfall campaign co-op won’t share progress between players

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Campaign progress in Arkane’s upcoming vampire co-op shooter Redfall will not be shared between players. Instead it will be tied to and only be persistent for the host of a co-op party. If you join a buddy and play through a mission, then you’ll still have to play it for yourself when returning to your own campaign later.

What players will be able to take back to their own campaign after playing someone else’s via co-op is character-specific progress like loot and XP. This could make you more powerful when you return to your own game.

Speaking to IGN (and as reported by GamesRadar), Redfall game designer Harvey Smith explained that only the host will get campaign progress. However, it wasn’t always like this. He said that something Arkane tried out was to give every player in a session “credit’ for completing a certain mission, but that this would have been too confusing later down the line.


“So for the flow of things you want to have to redo those,” Smith said. “The story would be very confusing if you got to mission 8 and it said ‘skip this one because you’ve already done it.'”

While this is quite a common problem that crops up in co-op games, it’s really quite frustrating for time-starved gamers out there (AKA anyone over the age of 25). At the very least, if you start the campaign with a group of players and are able to play every single mission together after that point, you should all have the same campaign progress once you come out the other side.

I also don’t see what’s so confusing about the token system Smith proposed and the ability to skip previously completed levels… or choose to play them again.

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It’s also been confirmed that once you start a playthrough with a particular character you will not be able to switch to another – though you can co-op with a group of identical characters so this isn’t the worst problem – and you will not be able to respec your character, so any skill unlocks will be permanent. I think we’ve already hit upon three things that people are going to complain about on social media once the game launches.

Aside from that, though, I feel that Redfall’s big gameplay reveal went pretty well last weekend. Arkane showed off a good long chunk of gameplay, delved into character abilities, and revealed some of the vampire types that you’ll be battling against. It looks like a fun co-op shooter.

Redfall was originally planned for 2022, but was delayed until 2023 a few weeks ago, alongside Starfield. When it does launch, it will be coming exclusively to Xbox Series X|S and PC, launching day one into Xbox Game Pass.

Source: IGN via GamesRadar

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