Roller Champions’ Disco Fever Season begins today, also launches on Switch

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Ubisoft’s free to play rollerball game Roller Champions starts a new season today, June 21st, and the game is also launching on Nintendo Switch at the same time.

Skate, tackle, and roll your way up to glory in Roller Champions™. Discover a free-to-play, team PvP sports game like no other!

Welcome to 2032. Arenas are built all over the world and fans rush to the stands to admire their modern-day heroes, the Roller Champions. They roll up to 100 miles an hour, tackle opponents, wall-skate, and dunk while thousands of fans scream their names.

As a Roller Champion, compete in a team of three against three. The rules are simple: take the ball, make a lap while maintaining team-possession, dodge opponents and score. Go for more points by completing additional laps before attempting a goal. After each match, gain fans to compete in bigger arenas. Customize characters and create a unique destiny.

The game is already out on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, and as of today can also be found on the Epic Game Store.

Stefan took a look at the game before it’s full release and said, “Having spent a couple hours with the final release of Roller Champions, it’s definitely a future sports game that’s got some juice to it. It’s reductive to say it’s just Roller Derby Rocket League, but that’s also how it’s going to get people’s attention so it can showcase the kinds of skilful play and team-based gaming that could make it a success. Will it stick around for the long-run? Well, for that we’ll just have to wait and see.”

I think it’s fair to say the game has not made a huge impact and Ubisoft would like a few more players. There are reports that it is quite buggy so that may be putting people off.

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  1. “Buggy” is a bit of an understatement.

    The servers are just terrible. So laggy that the whole thing is just unplayable. About every half a lap or so, it just freezes, and then everyone teleports around a bit. Want to get the ball off the other team? Sorry, they’re now half way down the arena. Want to pass the ball? Nope, someone’s tackled you and run off with it.

    It really is just completely broken. And no, it’s not my internet connection, which works absolutely fine for everything else. And there appears to be a possibility that playing it on a PS5 makes things worse, but that’s still Ubisoft’s fault.

    Best to just avoid it until it’s fixed. Or save some effort and just avoid it altogether.

  2. Be great if the game actually worked. I can’t even log in.

    Please reset your Ubisoft password. So I do that. Sorry, an error has occurred. Please try again later. and so on, etc. Deleted.

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