WWE 2K22 update 1.15 addresses a number of issues

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WWE 2K22 has been updated to version 1.15 with this patch addressing issues such as wrestlers entering in the incorrect order during the Royal Rumble, various attributes for Superstars being adjusted, move damage being adjusted, and changed some move sets that were given to the wrong wrestlers. The full list of notes can be found below.



  • Various adjustments to Superstar attributes
  • Addressed reported concerns about crashes occurring when using the News tile to navigate the game
  • Addressed reported concerns where Superstars entered the Royal Rumble in the wrong order


  • Addressed the ranges of select moves
  • Various adjustments to address incorrectly assigned moves to certain Superstars
  • Added moves to various move categories
  • Addressed reported concerns of the ladder falling down during ladder matches
  • Addressed reported concerns of players warping and popping up after a match ends
  • Addressed reported concerns of tag team finishes and attacks not occurring during matches
  • Addressed reported concerns of the AI not performing their running signature/finisher against corner-seated opponents
  • Addressed the alignment on various animations so that they connect better in-game
  • Adjusted the damage of several moves to ensure the correct amount was being applied to opponents


  • Improved stability within Community Creations


  • Addressed reported concerns of shirts being tucked in when not intended
  • Addressed reported concerns of a soft-lock in the game when editing CAS
  • Addressed reported concerns of infinite loading when editing a saved video on PS5


  • Stability improvements when using Custom Superstars

In our review for WWE 2K22, Adrian wrote, “WWE 2K22 isn’t a good fighting game, despite the multiplayer being a bit of knock-around fun. The woolly controls, messy inputs, and numerous glitches lead to an underwhelming video game experience, while the lacklustre Showcase and MyRise game modes don’t manage to replicate the bombast of professional wrestling, WWE 2K22 isn’t a particularly good wrestling game either. It’s a decent laugh in multiplayer, but with the notably hefty price tag I would expect a lot more than that.”

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