The Last of Us Remake gameplay showcases improvements

The Last of Us Remake

Sony and Naughty Dog have debuted 10 minutes of The Last of Us Remake gameplay, sharing clips from various scenes and skirmishes ahead of the game’s September 2nd PS5 release date.

Side by side with footage of the original PS3 game – and even the remastered version on PS4 Pro – the differences are clear to see. The amount of detail in every character model and environment is phenomenal, Naughty Dog having had the freedom to chase their vision for TLOU without any technical restraints.

Of course, the big talking point is The Last of Us Remake gameplay. When it was originally announced during this year’s Summer Games Fest, Naughty Dog teased that systems and mechanics in Part I would be inspired by its sequel.

The extent to which the studio has rebuilt the gameplay has been a point of contention among gamers. Naturally some expected a complete redo, carrying over features such as Ellie’s ability to go prone and jump. However, as fans who have played The Last of Us multiple times will know, these more dynamic combat and traversal actions would have a considerable impact on the flow and layout of existing level designs.

the last of us remake screenshot

The real gameplay improvements are much more subtle, namely the evolved enemy and companion AI. NPCs are smarter with hunters actively attempting to flush out Joel and Ellie, or perform flanking manoeuvres. To counter this, your AI-controlled buddies will work even harder to avoid detection while still holding their own in a fight. Naughty Dog has continued to lean into its suite of accessibility features too, this being the first PlayStation games with audio description.

So why go back and mess with such an all-time great? Being such a commercial and critical success, this series has become a flagship for the PlayStation brand. Not only is there an incredible-looking HBO television series in the works, Sony and Naughty Dog are building their biggest multiplayer game to date, expanding the TLOU universe even further. With The Last of Us Part I, they’re providing an ideal entry point to the series for those who’ve yet to experience this prestige, post-apocalyptic adventure.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog

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  1. That’s looking rather good. It’s like part 2, but without the terrible story.

    But, it’s already been remastered once, and now they want to charge £70 for it again? And unfortunately, people will probably pay that.

  2. I won’t be paying for it but might just get someone else to as it comes out on my 45th ?? birthday and it is a great game (the original at least).

  3. I have it on PS3 and PS4…the point is the fancy graphics upgrade are they worth £70 to me? No…

    BUT…if my established tactics in getting by a section no longer work due to enhanced AI then perhaps this version is worthy. But if my tactics in getting past sections in the PS3/PS4 version work on the PS5 version then I’m paying 70 bucks for just fancy graphics.

    It’s hard to know how much of the AI change makes an actual difference. A sale buy for me in a years plus time I think. But at least younger folks with just PS5 will get to experience the best version of this game.

    Cos let’s face it…it is a masterpiece. My wife watched me play through the story when she hates games because it is so good.

  4. I too have my PS3 and PS4 versions so this isn’t a necessity for me – although it does look nice and i think i would rather replay the original game at this new fidelity than return to my abandoned playthrough of part 2. But not at that price. Like with the PS4 remaster which i snagged for a fiver in an easter sale, i’ll wait for a similar deal on this.

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