Secret room found in Nier Automata five years after release

Nier Automata secret room
Nier Automata secret room

A Reddit user has posted a video showing what appears to be a secret room in the game Nier Automata. The location has never been seen before and can be found in the Copied City with a long passage hidden behind the door.

The passage ends in what appears to be a church and a cut scene plays in which a flower grows out of a figure that is laying on a slab. After this a weird bobbly black thing appears and the character A2 asks “What’s that?” with her pod replying “Unknown.”

The blob then just sits there and cannot be attacked or destroyed and it has fans both confused and excited as to what it is. The footage has been captured on a French Canadian PS4 copy of the game that has never been updated, so perhaps the area is from a mission that was cut and patched out in a Day One patch.

Nier Automata creator Yoko Taro has commented, albeit unhelpfully, on the secret area. “Do you want to know about my insight? In that case, you can find answer at my Twitter profile. Thank you,” he tweeted. His Twitter profile says “I can’t answer about any products. Please ask publisher.”

“We so far haven’t found any evidence in the assets that this exists, OTHER than the tower itself from late game,” modder xxk suggests in a Reddit post. “If this is a mod this would be the first time anyone has done something like this, and NOBODY else knows how to make custom doors like seen in the video – it would be a relatively IMMENSE undertaking for a single individual to accomplish with various modding breakthroughs.”

We gave Nier Automata a stonking 9/10 in our review back in 2017. “Yoko Taro’s unique storytelling ability has matched perfectly with the committed development culture at PlatinumGames, making NieR: Automata a mature and thought-provoking action-JRPG,” said Dom. “Its tight combat and compelling narrative sets it apart from both its predecessor and the Drakengard series, and it’s utterly essential for fans of the genre.”

Source: GamesRadar / Reddit

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