Dead by Daylight dating sim Hooked on You is out today

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If you’ve ever found yourself losing games of Dead by Daylight, because you keep getting distracted by how hunky/saucy/sexy the killer is, the Behavious Interactive has got the game for you. Hooked On You will let you hang out with and romance Dead by Daylight killers in a visual novel dating sim that’s out on PC… today!

Developed by Psyop, the makers of the similarly daft I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator, Hooked on You whisks you away to Murderer’s Island to max and relax with an arousingly terrifying foursome.

This quartet of killers includes the typical alpha male character Evan MacMillan, the Trapper, Anna the Huntress with her blood spattered bunny mask and bulging muscles will pursue and chase you… into her heart. There’s also Philip Ojomo, the Wraith, who has a surprisingly sunny disposition, while Rin Yamaoka as the Spirit is the stereotypical bikini and kimono-wearing goth girl.

Hooked on You Dead by Daylight Trapper

As you get to know the characters, you’ll be able to get closer to them through your conversations. There’s multiple endings for each kill, whether you end up falling into true love, merely a bit of lustiness, or come to absolutely loathe each other (which probably isn’t a situation you’ll survive for very long).

It’s a thoroughly daft and wild concept, much like Psyop’s KFC dating sim from a few years ago, in which you went to a culinary school, met a throughly saucy looking Colonel Sanders, and got to share a love for fried chicken with him and other characters.

Hooked on You and its immediate release were showcased during today’s Behaviour Interactive stream. Alongside this game, Behaviour announced a new asynchronous builder raider game Meet Your Maker, an intriguing Project S, and are sure to drop some news that’s directly tied to future Dead By Daylight content and updates as well.

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