The Quarry just got a whole lot harder in new update

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Supermassive Games has launched a new update for its gore-soaked horror hit, The Quarry. Released back in June, this latest patch for the game dials up the difficulty for those wanting a real challenge.

The developer confirmed that this update includes an option for harder, faster quick-time events (QTEs). Those who have played The Quarry, The Dark Pictures Anthology, or Until Dawn, will know that Supermassive has a fondness for QTEs, throwing a button prompt at players during tense action sequences.

It’s fair to say that the timing needed for these can be a bit tame, the studio no doubt wanting to find a difficulty balance that suits both casual and core gamers. However, if you breezed through The Quarry’s QTEs without failing, there’s a load of possible story outcomes you’ve missed. Not only can new routes and actions become available, main characters can die as the story continues to unfold.

In our review of The Quarry, we scored the Until Dawn successor an 8/10, saying:

Supermassive has managed to bag some pretty big names from the world of horror cinema including Ted Raimi, Lin Shaye, and David Arquette to name just a few. There are some familiar faces among The Quarry’s survivors too, bouncing off each other quite convincingly with their irreverent banter and goofy tangents. They’ll take some time to grow on you, but then that’s one of the many advantages this game has over a horror movie, with a run-time of around 10 hours. Sure, the pacing isn’t perfect, and not every plot has a super satisfying conclusion yet, as a whole, it comes together brilliantly, no matter your chosen path.

Once the sun rises and the bloodbath ends, you’ll be itching to play The Quarry again to see what other outcomes there are. this is Supermassive’s most refined horror game to date, but it just falls short of snatching Until Dawn’s gore-crusted crown.

But what’s next for Supermassive Games? The team is currently wrapping up its work on The Devil in Me, the closing game in the Dark Pictures Anthology. Each instalment has focused on a different strain of horror, from ghost ships and demons to witches, this final chapter following a sadistic serial killer, starring Jessie Buckley. No release date has been confirmed though we’re expecting it to launch in Autumn 2022.

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