Synduality is a PvPvE game where you have a chunky mecha and AI buddy

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Bandai Namco has announced Synduality, a new PvPvE game in which you have to team up with an AI buddy to scavenge for resources, avoid poisonous rain and defeat Enders. Synduality is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC in 2023.

Set in the year 2222, the world has been ravaged by the Tears of the New Moon, leading to a mysterious poisonous rain that almost wiped out the human race and deformed creatures that thought the survivors looked pretty tasty. To survive, we build an underground city called Amasia, but uncovered a non-human-made AI named Magus in the process.

You play as a Drifter tasked with collecting AO Crystals to make your living, a resources that can only be found by heading out from the relative safety of Amasia. You’ll have the Cradle Coffin to protect you, a high-tech mechsuit/vehicle that can be equipped with various weapons and customised in its appearance, while the AI Magus will also accompany you into danger, giving directions, hints and warnings.

You might encounter the Enders while trying to gather AO crystals and have to fight them off, but then again, you might also see other players who are trying to succeed in their own missions, which could potentially hinder your own progress.

With Synduality coming out next year, expect to see plenty more gameplay reveals and (given the online nature of the game) some kind of beta or public test through the coming months.

Source: PS Blog

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