Deathverse: Let It Die will be available from late September

Deathverse: Let It Die has got a release date, well two, and you will not have to wait long. If you are a PS5 or PS4 owner you will be able to download the free to play title on September 28th. PC players will have to wait until October 5th. The game is set in the same universe as 2016’s Let It Die, albeit a thousand years later.

The synopsis for Deathverse: Let It Die reads, “In 2026, a seismic natural disaster known as the Earth’s Rage sent the world into upheaval. Now, several hundred years later…The inhumanely violent survival reality show Death Jamboree was born to satiate the devastated human heart. Will you be the last one standing? The star who thrills the crowd and wins wealth and glory beyond compare? Now is your time to shine!”

Players will compete in 16 player matches with customised characters using various weapons to earn fame and fortune. There will be different seasons in which players can earn new items from the in-universe sponsors of the battles. These sponsors include Candle Wolf, MARS, and Ultimate Food.

Deathverse: Let It Die will also have different battle passes known as Jamboree Passes. A silver pass will grant rewards for season level 101 and above. A gold pass will grant the same plus an additional 25 levels to your season level, and a 10% XP bonus. The platinum pass also grants the additional 25 levels, 20% XP bonus, increased season level for logging in daily, and the ability to host room games. Rankings are released once a month in each season, with higher ranks meaning better rewards.

Source: Press Release

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