The ASOS Horizon Forbidden West collection won’t quite let you dress like Aloy

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Sony and fashion retailer ASOS have unveiled the Horizon Raw Materials line, a clothing collection that’s all been inspired and liberally lifts artwork from PlayStation’s Horizon Forbidden West.

You might be expecting big chunky faux-furs, decorative sci-fi tribal headdresses and the like, but this collection won’t have you dressing up like characters from the game. Brand Art Director Craig Stuart explains, “While Aloy’s in-game outfits are aimed at her protection and survival, our unique partnership with ASOS is focused on ready-to-wear comfort for our fans.”

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So there’s tshirts, hoodies, jogging bottoms, shirts and the like, all of which have been covered in various ways by artwork from the series. One tee has a fully print of some cover art on the back, but there’s also a shirt and jogging bottoms that are completely covered by the original artwork the game was announced with, of Aloy on a beach with a Sunwing flying overhead. You’ll be able to perfectly blend in when standing next to an advertising billboard for Horizon Forbidden West, and stand out from any other surroundings.

Personally, I’d have liked to have seen cosplay-ready clothes.

The Horizon Raw Materials range is priced between £26 and £38, and it’s out today across the UK, EU, Japan and Asia. It will also be coming to the US in early 2023.

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  1. They’re… fine? I guess? None is particularly inspired or interesting. A half step up from the branded stuff you get in Asda for a tenner

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