What the Bat? looks as daft as you could hope for a VR game

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live your life with baseball bats for hands? Like Edward Scissorhands, but your surname is ‘Baseballhands’ instead? That’s the core idea behind What the Bat?, the follow up to What the Golf? coming to Quest VR and Steam VR in what’s left of 2022.

We got a fresh look at the game and some questions answered during the Day of the Devs 10th anniversary showcase.

Following in the footsteps of What the Golf?, What the Bat? takes this core concept and runs with it into countless quirky and dumb scenarios. How do you drive a car with baseball bats? How do you play football? Sculpt? Turn off an alarm? Clean your teeth? Cook an egg? Run a farm? Go to space?

As a VR game, you have much more direct control than you might otherwise have, and the game literally just replaces your hands with baseball bats.

Looking back on What the Golf? Miguel wrote in our review;

“What The Golf has created an absurd, hilarious, bite-sized experience that is always golf-adjacent and brilliant for it. The jokes and levels are a whirlwind of zany ideas, but the quick pacing and brief runtime of the game keep them from falling flat or getting tiresome. Despite an overworld that can feel a little repetitive, What The Golf? is full of hearty laughs and addictive gameplay that made me never want to stop playing.”

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