Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Title Update 3 is out next week

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Title Update 3 is coming out next week on 24th November across Nintendo Switch and PC, bringing another big bunch of monsters, features and weapons and armour to unlock.


There’s three big new beasties to battle in the free Title Update 3, with Chaotic Gore Magala, Risen Teostra, and Risen Kushala Daora all set to challenge you and your co-op buddies. Gore Magala can shed its skin to turn into Shagaru Magala, but look out for a defect that can leave it in a hybrid state – Chaotic Gore Magala. You’ll need to be MR10 to battle this one, but greater challenges await with Risen Teostra and Kushala Daora require an immediate response from the coalition’s most skilled hunters. The Risen forms allow them to create even more widespread destruction in their angered states, and you’ll need to be MR120 and MR140 respectively to fight them.

Outside of that are new A7★ Anomaly Quests featuring Flaming Espinas, Scorned Magnamalo, and Seething Bazelgeuse. The Anomaly Investigation system has a higher level cap of 200, though you can also lower the level of quests you already possess. Materials from these can be used to augment weapons and armour with ‘Defense’ and ‘Skills’ augments.

And if you’ve enjoyed having Followers alongside you in Follower Quests, then you can now take them on almost every Master Rank quest, including Anomaly Quests and Investigations.

That’s plenty to keep hunters entertained, but there’s more on the horizon with Title Update 4 set to drop in Winter 2023, and Title Update 5 in Spring 2023.

Sunbreak was a grand expansion for Monster Hunter Rise, with Dom saying in our  Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak review:

“Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a nigh on perfect expansion, bringing meaningful gameplay change, charming new cast members, and most importantly, more monsters to hunt. It is, for those in the know, absolutely unmissable.”

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