Marvel’s Wolverine missing from the PlayStation 2023 line up

Marvels Wolverine
Marvels Wolverine

Late least year Microsoft – yes, Microsoft and not Sony – seemingly revealed that Marvel’s Wolverine, a PlayStation exclusive title, will be released this year. The leak comes from a document submitted by Microsoft as part of the investigation by the CMA into Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

However, a new 2023 sizzle trailer from Sony  shows the all the games listed by Microsoft apart from Wolverine.

The game was revealed during a State of Play in September 2021, Marvel’s Wolverine is being directed by Brian Horton (creative director) and Cameron Christian (game director), who were in charge of Spider-Man: Miles Morales. They also enlisted Walt D. Williams as story lead over at Insomniac Games. For those who don’t recognise the name, Williams worked as narrative director on 2012’s controversial Spec Ops: The Line.

Currently, Wolverine’s release date is unknown.

A game based on the clawed anti was rumoured to be in production in March 2020 but as the leak came from notorious site 4chan no one paid much attention to it. The leak suggested Marvel’s Wolverine was not a vast open world game like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, but more like God of War with open sections for exploration but a mostly linear path.

Back in June 2021 Insomniac announced that it was hiring for a multiplayer game with melee based combat. The  job listing also asked for a “thorough understanding of melee combat systems, enemy design and boss design.”

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The same rumour also suggested that a Daredevil game was also in the works, but this would be multi format set in “modern-day Chicago” with a “noir-style detective game” vibe.  The map oi the game is said to be “65 square miles” that would be more than three times the size of the play area of Spider-Man.

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