Metal Gear Solid voice actor suggests announcements are on the way

metal gear solid remake
metal gear solid remake

Quinton Flynn, the voice of Raiden in the Metal Gear Solid series, has seemingly teased a new Metal Gear announcement. In response to a fan suggestion that there would be a reveal he tweeted “Stayed tuned for things to be announced in the coming weeks “.

Rumours of remakes of various Metal Gear games have been swirling around the internet for a good while although there is not much evidence that any such projects exists. However, Konami did recently reveal a number of Silent Hill games including remakes and new titles, and it’s suggested they might have similar plans for Metal Gear.

Over Christmas Bluepoint games posted their annual digital card which referenced the games they had worked on along with a simple box. Some think that this was a hint that they were working on Metal Gear as Snake famously hides in carboard boxes. It’s a rather flimsy link but it would mean the title would be PlayStation exclusive as Bluepoint are owned by Sony.

metal gear solid remake

Last year Chinese developers Virtuos did list Konami as one of their clients although they have never worked with them, so that got the rumour mill spinning. Also, right at the end of 2022 Konami’s Noriaki Okamura told Famitsu magazine that the publisher had many games in development and for 2023 his keyword was “long-awaited”. That could have been a tease for Silent Hill, but perhaps it’s a Metal Gear Solid remake.

Numerous internet tipsters, most with dubious track records, have also been suggesting a Metal Gear Solid remake is on the way. YouTube is packed full of videos, but again there’s no real substance to back up any of the claims.

The elephant in the room is the absence of Hideo Kojima, if there is a remake and the developers try and modernise the game in any way some fans my be very annoyed.

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