Tango Gameworks next game, Hi-Fi Rush, could be revealed soon

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The next gems from Bethesda studio Tango Gameworks could be revealed soon, with reports suggesting that the game will be called Hi-Fi Rush, having gone via the codename Project Hibiki thus far. There’s even the suggestion that it could be revealed during the Xbox and Bethesda Developer_Direct stream that is set to take place tomorrow evening.

The report comes from billbil-kun, a name that might be familiar as the regular, exceptionally accurate leaker of Games with Gold and PlayStation Plus free monthly games, so there’s a pretty high likelihood that their claim over the project’s name will pan out – it was previously name dropped by Windows Central’s Jez Corden during an Xbox Two Podcast earlier this month, and concept art leaked in December. When it will be revealed, though? That’s far less certain.

While billbil-kun says on Twitter that it “will be announced (and/or released) soon (probably in Xbox & Bethesda Developer_Direct event)”, there’s a lot of room for movement there. Not only that, but Xbox Games Marketing VP Aaron Greenberg has sought to keep expectations in check for the Developer_Direct stream. A couple weeks ago he said they had been “as transparent as possible on what dev teams/games to expect to see in the show,” and he reposnded positively to Kinda Funny’s Parris tweeting “a friendly reminder to expect nothing more or less than the 4 games announced, anything else is setting yourself up for disappointment.”

A game announcement would be a nice surprise, but they’ve been downplaying expectations for the past few weeks to keep the focus on Forza Motorsport, Redfall, Minecraft Legends and the next The Elder Scrolls Online expansion – Starfield will have a separate reveal stream

On the other hand, it would make sense to have Tango Gameworks involved in the stream in some way. While best known for their two The Evil Within games, their most recent release was the timed PS5 exclusive Ghostwire Tokyo, which launched in late March 2022. Microsoft will want to release the Xbox Series X|S port as soon after 25th March as possible, dropping the title onto Xbox Game Pass in the process.

With that context in mind, announcing the name of the studio’s next game and teasing some kind of concept art and gameplay direction would make some sense.

Source: billbil-kun

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