Redfall gameplay revealed and release date confirmed for May

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The Redfall release date has been announced, with Arkane’s co-op vampire shooter set to land on Xbox Series X|S and PC, and as part of the Xbox Game Pass library on 2nd May 2023.

The stream has also given us another good look at Redfall’s gameplay, with Arkane giving us a tour of their attempt to adapt their brand of immersive sim to co-op and a more open world setting – it’s the largest one they’ve made yet.

The game takes place in the town of Redfall, Massachusetts, which has been transformed by vampires, cutting the town off from the rest of the world and blocking out the sun. There’s various different types of vampires to fight, such as Bloodbags and the Shroud, which blankets and area in darkness to battle you, in addition to cultists that wish they were vampires.

The co-op is enhanced by four characters each with different abilities and characteristics. Jacob is the sniper, Remi is an engineer (with a very cool little robot buddy), Deviner Crousley can delve into the creepy and strange, while Layla Ellison has mystical abilities like being able to go invisible for a bit or creating a catapult up into the air for other players.

You’ll take missions from other survivors at various safe houses, like the town’s fire station. Exploring in this gameplay demo showed them breaking taking on a mission to reach a lighthouse, fighting a variety of vamps along the way. They played as Layla, using invisibility to stealthily sneak past some enemies, to get to and reactivate the lighthouse. Take down enough vampires and you’ll have angered the Vampire Gods, who will summon the Rook to absolutely batter you.

There’s also side-content, such as a cultist infested brewery – they used Remi’s robot to distract the cultists for easier takedowns – and to even investigate otherworldly psychic spaces that change every time you head inside, working through the vampire nest to take down the heart at its core – this will be fiercely defended by vampires. Naturally you’ll be able to grab a reward and then try to escape before the nest collapses. Then there’s the side-mission to reclaim Redfall, neighbourhood by neighbourhood, clearing under-bosses and claiming their skulls on the way to fighting the vampire gods themselves.

They delved into a sprawling upgrade tree for each character, showing off Layla’s umbrella ability to block and send bullets back at enemies, and then there’s a rather wild array of weapons – you can customise your weapons with bayonet-like vampire stakes.

Previously expected to release in the summer of 2022, Redfall was delayed alongside Bethesda’s highly anticipated sci-fi RPG to 2023. Since then, rumours have swirled around when in 2023 was going to release. As the rumours went, Redfall was aiming for a March release, but Arkane and Bethesda pushed the launch back by around six weeks to now target the first week of May 2023. As you can see, this was pretty darned accurate!

The announcement has come as part of the Xbox and Bethesda Developer_Direct stream, with Microsoft getting the devs of Forza Motorsport, Redfall, Minecraft Legends, Hi-Fi Rush from Tango Gameworks and The Elder Scrolls Online in to reveal all about their specific games – all having been out in the first half of 2023. Starfield is also expected in the first half of 2023, but will be featured in a separate stream.

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