James Gunn announces the new DC Universe which includes games

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James Gunn has announced the first chapter of the new DC Universe which will include TV shows, movies, and DCU Games with the same actors playing their characters in every media. The first chapter is called “Gods and Monsters” and includes Creatures Commandos, an animation series.

Next up is Waller, a TV show based around the character of Amanda Waller who has been in many DC movies in the past, and this will be followed by Superman Legacy, a movie written by Gunn, and then Lanterns, another TV show featuring multiple Green Lanterns. After that we have The Authority, another movie, television series Paradise Lost, then the new Batman will appear in the Brave and the Bold film.

Booster Gold gets a TV series, Supergirl gets a film, and the there is a Swamp Thing movie. Despite saying there will be games Gunn did not reveal any details but presumably the upcoming Kill The Justice League is not part of the new DCU.

So, what about the games? Well, NetherRealm have not released a game since 2019 and it’s most likely they are working on Mortal Kombat. If they were working on a DC game then it will be way to far in to production to wedge it in to the new DCU.  RockSteady are still working on Kill The Justice league and, without being rude, they take a very long time to make games so I wouldn’t expect a DCU game from them for a while.  WB Games are putting the finishing touches to the new Potter game, so again, nothing from them for a good few years, so that leaves TT games who are just a LEGO game machine.

That leaves Avalanche (no, not the ones who make Just Cause) who have also been working on Hogwarts, and Monolith, who we do know are working on a Wonder Woman game. Again, this has been in production for a while so may not fit in the DCU.

So, in summary, not quite sure how James Gunn can announce DCU games when there’s no one around to make them for a good few years.

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