The Last of Us episode 6 teaser shows a big change to the story

The Last of Us episode 6
The Last of Us episode 6

HBO have released a teaser trailer for The Last of Us episode 6 and there is a big, and quite possibly, worrying, change to the story.

Minor spoilers for The Last of Us Part 1 and Part 2 (the game) now follow.. you have been warned!

The teaser shows that Joel will finally be reunited with his brother, Tommy, but rather than meeting at a hydro-electric dam they find each other at Jacksonville, the main location at the start of The Last of Us Part 2.

HBO have done a brilliant job recreating the town so it looks almost identical to that in the game including landmarks such as the Tipsy Bison salon. We also get to see Joel and Ellie in the snow, and seemingly racing away, all guns blazing, from an enemy.  If you have played The Last of Us Part 2 then you will know that Joel has an… unfortunate incident… in similar circumstances.

It’s unlikely that the unfortunate incident would be brought forward to Part 1 as it would mean the revelations at the end of the first game would not happen in the same way, but you never know. Clearly things are being set up for that event.

The The Last of Us episode 6 teaser also brings us our first look at Rutina Wesley’s Maria, check it out.

The Last of Us has been a massive hit for HBO, so it’s no surprise that they have confirmed Season 2.

How can you watch The Last of Us?

To watch the full The Last of Us series, you’ll need to subscribe to HBO or (in the UK) to Sky TV or Now TV, but what if you just want a taste? Well, the news of The Last of Us Season 2 comes on the same day that HBO and SkyTV have uploaded The Last of Us Episode 1 for free on YouTube, making it readily available for anyone with a basic internet connection to watch the opening to this record-setting video game adaptation.

The video has been uploaded to both SkyTV and HBO’s YouTube channels, and can be watched without a subscription to Sky or NowTV in the UK or HBO in the US and other regions.

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