Wild Hearts Murakumo Update adds a cherry blossom wolf to battle this week

Wild Hearts Update Murakumo Header

The free Wild Hearts Murakumo Content Update is set to land on 6th April, bringing a new Fusion Karakuri, a new species of Kemono to battle, new gear to forge, and an all-new Limit Break system that can enhance any piece of gear that you own.

The updates for Wild Hearts are coming thick and fast, with Team Ninja releasing two updates a month that continually add to and evolve the latest take on the Monster Hunter formula. This is the first of two updates in April, and with that in mind, there’s a bit of a spring theme to it.

The Murakumo species comes with petal-manipulating attacks, coursing through the air on platforms made of sakura blossoms. Once enraged it can unleash a tornado that can knock your hunter out.

Thankfully there’s a new Karakuri that you can deploy: the Spinning Top. This gains speed and power each time it hits a Kemono or other obstacles, and can build up to have the strength to stagger the Kemono you’re battling.

Beyond that, a new Limit Break system is coming to further enhance weapons and armour. This is retroactive, so it’s not just for the new gear that you can craft from successfully defeating the Murakumo. You will need to hunt down Volatile Kemono in order to earn core orbs, though, with the type of orb being specific to where you are hunting.

Naturally there’s a bunch of fixes, improvements and tweaks to the game coming on 6th April as well.

Looking to the future, another update is due out on 20th April, promising a ferocious Deathblaze Gloombeak to battle, as well as a new Serial Hunts type of special quest.

Awarding it a great 9/10 review score when it launched in February, Dom said of Wild Hearts, “Wild Hearts has proved to be an immense surprise. It navigates the line between well-worn ground and exciting new innovation immensely well. It’s the best non-Capcom hunting game we’ve ever had, and a hugely enjoyable action RPG in its own right.”

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