What We Played #601 – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Showgunners & Park Beyond

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor combat

Just when you’ve waited ages for a bank holiday, along come two in a row! It’s fair to say that all this extra time on holiday has made for a lovely increase in gaming time, and I’ve spent it across a host of different genres and titles.

Primarily, I put a chunk of time into Redfall, and while I’m not quite ready to bung a score on it, I’ve definitely been having more fun, even if the AI is as dumb as a bag of spanners. Besides that I checked out Park Beyond for the latest park building action, and I got closer to the end of Fallen Order while remaining strong and not buying its sequel until I’ve truly finished with its forebear. I also spent a good bit of time with my head in a fancy new PSVR2 shaped hat, and it is as impressive as you’d hope.

Park Beyond no track sections

Gamoc has not been as restrained with Star Wars in mind. Yes, Slay the Spire has been his main gaming delight of the past week – “It’s beyond addictive” – but he also made some trades to grab Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, not realising that he was doing this on the pun-laden Star Wars day that is May the 4th.

Also playing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor this week has been Nick P, but he did tear himself away from it to review Showgunners as well, finding a really surprising XCOM-like game.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor double lightsaber combat

Letting his completionist streak get the best of him, Aran finished Midnight Suns after maximising all but one of the character friendships along the way – “A really fun game and the sequel teaser at the end has me excited for where the story would go next,” he says, though after the game’s poor sales figures, it feels like that teaser will be left dangling. He also played Astronaut The Best for a preview that you’ll see soon!

Nic B played Marvel Snap and Pokémon Go, and some other secret things he can’t tell us about yet, so we’ll move swiftly on to Ade who’s played A Plague Tale: Requiem and has found it to be a thrilling ride.

Steve has been churning through smaller games while waiting for Zelda, including Clocked Kaku, Arto and Gun Jam for reviews, Sea of Solitude for daily Microsoft Rewards, and Blossom Tales 2 on Switch. He’s now getting started with Bayonetta Origins and has Ravenlok preinstalled. That’s a lot of games!

Getting similarly hyped about Zelda, and after watching a vtuber stream some Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Miguel has also tumbled into playing some Oblivion and Cyberpunk 2077 to sate his open-world appetites. Hopefully he doesn’t gorge himself on them too much before next week!

Redfall – Layla umbrella shield

And finally we come to Tef, who is as tangled up in embargoes as Nic is, but did sneak in a little bit of Redfall, which seemed very OK-ish to him from the opening hours, and has been putting his amiibo back on display in his TV stand, which he nicknames ‘amiibo prison’.

Now then, what have you been playing this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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