Forza Motorsport races onto Xbox Series X|S and PC on 10th October

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The latest game in Microsoft’s flagship racing series, Forza Motorsport is set to release on 10th October across Xbox Series X|S and PC – it will naturally be available via Xbox Game Pass at that time too.

It’s been a good few years since the last mainline game in the Forza Motorsport series, with Forza Motorsport 7 arriving in 2017 as a flagship for the Xbox One X launch. Forza Motorsport was first announced ahead of the Series X|S release in the summer of 2020, and was then handed a launch window in early 2023 with the gameplay reveal in 2022. The game needed a little more time before release, and we now have a launch in the increasingly busy October 2023.

A lot has changed since FM7’s release, and Turn10 are able to push Xbox’s premier racing game series on the latest consoles and PC, thanks to ditching the Xbox One generation. The rendering engine has been updated to handle dynamic time of day and weather, there’s photogrammetry to capture real textures and bring them into the game world, and real time ray tracing that will also run while you’re driving around in 4K and 60fps – this, in contrast to Gran Turismo 7 and Forza Horizon 5 which only have ray tracing in photo modes.

There will be over 500 cars in the game – 100 of which are new to Forza Motorsport – and with over 800 upgrades available for the cars. Turn10 have gone in-depth on the paints for the cars, using a spectrophotometer to capture more accurately how light works between different types of shiny paint… which you can then scuff up and batter through the racing combat! There’s also 20 “environments” that the racing takes place in with five brand new locations for the series, including Kyalami in South Africa. These have been captured with laser scanning.

The new trailer shows a hint of the gameplay loop in the game, with repeated attempts at the game and car upgrades and tuning to climb higher up the leaderboards and race standings.

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There’s also extensive changes to how the game handles physics, track evolution, tyre modelling, with the far greater CPU power of the new generation consoles allowing for massively increase the amount of fidelity and accuracy of the model – it’s 48x more detailed than FM7. Then you have the changing time of day and weather effects that affect ambient air temperatures, track surface temps and the amount of grip you have – as will the track rubbering in through the race. This will be available on all circuits, as opposed to the select circuits in Gran Turismo 7.


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