High on Life DLC High on Knife revealed

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High on Life, which was the biggest Xbox Game Pass launch of 2022, is getting DLC it has been confirmed today. Squanch Games has revealed that High on Life’s DLC is called High on Knife, and it will bring a horror feel to the game. There is no release date yet but the trailer does say that High on Knife will be coming soon.

Earlier this year, Squanch Games was rocked by the news that Justin Roiland, the co-founder of the studio and creator of Rick & Morty, was quitting after being charged for domestic violence. In March, the charges against Justin Roiland were cleared after it was judged that there was insufficient evidence to proceed with a case. Since the charges were dropped there has been no change that has seen Justin Roiland return to Squanch Games or Adult Swim to continue working Rick & Morty.

High on Life Review

In our High on Life review, Stefan wrote, “High on Life is a conflicted game. On the one hand it’s a solid shooter that often feels like more than the sum of its parts, and comes with an engaging art style and ideas, but the sense of humour is just so subjective that it’s hard to recommend to anyone that isn’t a die hard Rick and Morty fan.”

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