Lightyear Frontier’s space farming gets early 2024 release and multiplayer trailer

The open world farming adventure of Lightyear Frontier was featured during the Xbox Games Showcase Extended stream, with the new trailer showing off the game’s co-op multiplayer and pinning down an early 2024 launch window for Early Access on Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Lightyear Frontier pops you into a customisable mech and drops you off on an alien world to set down a home and build up a successful farm. While you’ll be turning up with such eccentric technology, the game is about figuring out how to coexist with the planet in your farming endeavours, while also uncovering some ancient secrets.

The game will be playable solo, but also has support for up to four player online co-op. On top of that, there’s cross-play between console and PC.

All in all, this looks like a nice and quirky take on the farming sim genre, and we look forward to seeing more as we get closer to release.

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