Crimson Crisis is roguelike sci-fi horde shooter set on Mars

Crimson Crisis has been revealed by Mr Phil Games, with the game being a roguelite sci-fi shooter in which players will have to face off against the aliens of Mars. Waves of enemies will be coming at players, a low level employee of a major corporation who is left to answer a call originating from the depths of Mars.

Lead developer of Crimson Crisis, Philip Ludington, said: “It has been my lifelong dream to make an indie game, and here it is. I’m excited for gamers to play our game and discover how fun massacring marauding aliens can be. We’ve built the game with an extensive modding system so players can inject their creativity into it. I can’t wait to see what players come up with, and we hope the community will become involved in the development process. We are releasing as Early Access because we want players to help us guide Crimson Crisis to the best possible destinations.”

Crimson Crisis will feature both single player and local co-op multiplayer from launch. As players face off against the hordes of Mars, they will be able to use various weapons and equipment that can inflict status effects on enemies. These include inflamed, traumatised, and poisoned. As progression is made, weapons go from being basic to much more highly effective thanks to procedurally generated attachments. There will also be procedurally generated weapons.

Once Crimson Crisis is released it will have mod support, allowing players to add their own guns, enemies, and any other changes that can be thought up. Crimson Crisis will be released through Steam Early Access in 2024, though an exact release date is yet to be confirmed.

Source: Press Release

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