Everspace 2 Armed and Dangerous update out now, read the patch notes

Everspace 2’s first major update, Armed and Dangerous, has now been released for all versions of the game. The Everspace 2 Armed and Dangerous update adds a number of item variants, item attributes, quick save and quick reload, better autosave inclusion, new ship passives, and new perks to discover. MacOS support has also been added, though running on M2 CPU or below could mean the game does not perform well.  Rockfish has released a video explaining the changes, and has also released a full patch list.

Everspace 2 Armed & Dangerous update notes

New Item Sets

Ten new item sets have been added to EVERSPACE 2. The 34 new items for these sets can be found in different star systems and grant new singular and set bonuses to create a build around.


Found after level 15
2/3 Set Items: While in combat, armor regenerates 2% per second, so long as shields are full.
3/3 Set Items: While in combat, hull regenerates 4% per second, so long as both shields and armor are full.

Genesis Barrier – Shield XC

After shutdown duration, instantly restore the shield to full capacity.

Reactive Radar – Sensor

8% decreased shield recharge delay and shutdown duration for every enemy within 800m, to a max of 80%.

Repair Bay – Cargo Bay

Fewer cargo slots. Repair a damaged item every 90s.

Escort Duty

Found in Union
2/3 Set Items: +25% to Resistance attribute.
3/3 Set Items: 0.5% increased shield, armor and hull for each free cargo slot.

Chaperone – Shield

4% increased shield capacity and recharge speed for each non-drone friendly or neutral within 2km range, to a max of 32%.

Bulkhead – Plating

30% damage reduction to armor from frontal attacks.

Secure Hold – Cargo Hold

Collecting an item grants 8% damage reduction for 4s, to a max of 40%.


Found in Zharkov
2/2 Set Items: So long as no friendlies or neutrals are within 2km, gain 10% increased damage, handling and ship speed.

Rascal – Homing Missile

If this missile breaks the target’s shield or armor, target gains both EMP and Web conditions for 3s.

Rattler – Autocannon

Weapon damage and velocity are increased up to 20% depending on how fast the ship is moving.


Found in Zharkov
2/4 Set Items: 25% increased energy orb drop chance.
3/4 Set Items: When collecting an energy orb, reflect 4% of incoming damage back to your attackers for 20s. Stacks up to 40%.
4/4 Set Items: All enemies within 800m range take reflected damage.

Multi-Cell – Energy Core

No special perk.

Stratocumulus – Shield ST

While shield is active, gain 2000m range pull for energy orbs.

Tailwind – Booster

While boosting, reflect 10% of incoming damage back to your attackers.

Twister – EMP Missile

Targets hit by this missile are pulled for 3s (equal to the EMP duration).


Found in Khait Nebula
2/4 Set Items: Enemies take 20% increased corrosion damage
3/4 Set Items: Each stack of corrosion on an enemy grants you 1% armor regeneration per second
4/4 Set Items: Targets affected by corrosion take 50% increased damage from your secondary weapons

Containment Unit – Cargo Unit

No special perk

Hazard Shield – Shield

Grants immunity to Corrosion while shield is up

Hazard Plating – Plating

Grants immunity to Radiation while armor is up

Deteriorator – Thermo Gun

Lower than usual fire rate. Trait: Critical hits apply their damage as Corrosion for 2s

Tides of Siren’s Sea

Found in Ceto
2/4 Set Items: 30% increased ULT generation
3/4 Set Items: Your shield capacity is increased by 100% but it will no longer recharge while in combat. Instead, using your ULT will restore it to full capacity
4/4 Set Items: Deal increased primary weapon damage based on the percentage of shield hitpoints missing to a maximum of 20%

Triton Core – Energy Core

No Special Perk

Wavepulse Analyzer – Sensor

No Special Perk

Scaleguard – Plating

Very high repair rate, low-ish capacity

Hydrosurge Drive – Booster

Trait: 20% increased boost speed during ULT


Found in Drake
2/4 Set Items: Allies gain 10% increased damage and 20% damage reduction.
3/4 Set Items: When an ally dies or expires, your shield is fully restored.
4/4 Set Items: After 5s, drones and turrets within 300m are converted to fight on your side for 30s.

Tactical Shield – Shield

Has no recharge delay.

Frontline Plating – Plating

5% armor damage reduction for each enemy within 500m

Recon Booster – Booster

30% reduced enemy detection range

Shredder – Gauss Cannon

Deals 20% increased critical hit damage


Found in Drake
2/3 Set Items: Your locked target receives a stack of Destabilized each second, increasing the damage they take by 10%. Stacks up to 6 times and resets when switching targets.
3/3 Set Items: Killing a target with at least 5 stacks of Destabilized creates an EMP explosion that disables enemies within 300m.

Judge – Coil Gun

Fires three-shot bursts

Jury – Homing Missile

No Special Perk

Executioner – Rail Gun

Fully charged critical hits instantly kill smaller targets


Found after level 15
2/3 Set Items: Each equipped “Starforged” item increases your device damage by 2%
3/3 Set Items: Each equipped “Starforged” item increases your weapon damage by 2%

Ornate Plating – Plating

1% increased hitpoints per 10000 credits owned. Up to 100%

Treasury Unit – Cargo Unit

10% increased credits income

Deluxe Booster – Booster

No Special Perk

New Item Attributes
All Weapons


  • 20% increased damage against Ancients and Ancient-controlled units
  • Critical hits have a chance to recharge weapon energy by 2%
  • Deals 20% bonus damage against Outlaws
  • Deals 20% bonus damage against G&B
  • Deals 20% bonus damage against Okkar
  • Deals 20% bonus damage against Turrets
  • Deals 20% bonus damage against Capital Ships


Primary Weapons


  • Killing an enemy temporarily increases this weapon’s damage by 1% up to 25% for 8 seconds
  • Killing an enemy with this weapon has a 10% chance to refill your currently equipped secondary weapon by 1


Pulse Laser, Blaster, Thermo Gun, Flak


  • 20% chance to reflect the shot to enemies closer than 500m


Pulse Laser, Blaster, Thermo Gun


  • 10% chance for each hit to deal its damage as area damage in a 200m radius


Projectile Weapons, except Scatter Gun


  • 5% chance to drop credits with each hit


Flak, Pulse Laser


  • The last shot before running out of energy deals 500% more damage, can only occur once every 5 seconds


Primary Weapons, Shield, Booster


  • 2% increased energy recharge rate for each enemy within 500m


All Modules


  • 5% increased corrosion damage
  • 10% increased corrosion duration
  • 10% increased EMP duration
  • 5% reduced device cooldowns
  • 5% increased ULT generation
  • 10% increased ULT duration
  • 5% increased ULT damage
  • 4% increased shield hitpoints
  • 4% increased armor hitpoints
  • 8% increased hull hitpoints
  • 5% increased critical hit chance
  • +1% critical hit chance
  • 10% increased critical hit damage
  • 4% increased secondary weapon damage
  • 4% increased primary weapon damage
  • 4% increased device damage
  • 10% increased destabilized damage
  • 10% increased primary weapon range
  • 10% increased secondary weapon range
  • 10% increased device range
  • 5% reduced weapon energy consumption
  • 5% reduced boost energy consumption
  • 10% increased primary weapon damage while cloaked
  • 10% increased secondary weapon damage while cloaked
  • 10% increased device damage while cloaked
  • 6% increased energy damage
  • 6% increased kinetic damage




  • Instantly starts recharging when depleted; can only occur once every 20 seconds
  • 15% increased boost speed while depleted




  • <Weapon Type> deals 20% increased damage


Energy Core


  • Going below 30% hull fully recharges weapon energy, can only occur once every 10 seconds


New Catalysts

Catalysts are valuable crafted items that can be used to add a new modifier to a piece of gear, making it more powerful! We’ve added 4 new catalysts to the game to give players a wider variety of options.

  • Repair Protocol (Armor) – Increases the armor repair on kill by 50%
  • Restore Protocol (Shield) – If your shield is hit but remains above 70%, it immediately starts regenerating
  • EMP Charges (Primary Weapon) – Shots cause EMP disruptions. When a target has 8 disruption charges, an EMP is triggered which paralyzes the target for 1.0s
  • Barrage (Primary Weapon) – Increases damage by 4% for each second firing to a maximum of 40%


New Ship Perks

Each ship type has a variety of perks set when they appear at your local ship dealer. With today’s Armed & Dangerous update, each ship class now has 4 new perks available.



  • At 200m range, primary weapons gain 20% shield and armor piercing
  • While shields are overcharged, gain 25% increased critical hit damage
  • Overcharge is gained 25% faster [Exclusive]
  • Overcharge never deflates [Exclusive]




  • 20% increased device activation range
  • 20% increased cloak duration
  • 50% increased velocity to all primary weapon projectiles [Exclusive]
  • 50% reduced spread to all primary weapons [Exclusive]




  • While the third hardpoint is active, gain 33% reduced weapon energy consumption
  • Using a device restores 25% boost energy
  • 25% increased corrosion damage [Exclusive]
  • 25% increased EMP duration [Exclusive]




  • When entering a location, gain 20% increased boost and fire rate for 60s
  • While firing primary weapons, gain 1% increased critical hit damage every second to a maximum of 20%
  • While Weapon Overdrive is active, gain 100% increased energy orb collection range [Exclusive]
  • While Weapon Overdrive is active, gain 50% chance to refund secondary weapons upon use [Exclusive]




  • Collecting an energy orb deploys an energy shield for 2s
  • Using a consumable immediately triggers the shield to recharge
  • While shields are at least 50% charged, gain corrosion immunity [Exclusive]
  • While shields are fully charged, gain 20% reduced boost energy and weapon energy consumption




  • 60% reduced self-damage
  • Enemies within 1km range deal 20% less damage
  • 20% debuff duration reduction [Exclusive]
  • 20% hull damage reduction [Exclusive]




  • When using a consumable, restore 8% armor
  • Instantly reset all warfare device cooldowns when armor depletes (once every 2 minutes)
  • When hull is 50% or lower, gain 40% hull damage reduction
  • 20% increased armor repair per kill




  • Target lock-on is maintained off-screen
  • 20% reduced energy consumption for all secondary weapons
  • Activating ARC-9000 fully restores secondary weapon energy [Exclusive]
  • When ARC-9000 is manually detonated, gain 40% increased ARC-9000 shockwave damage [Exclusive]




  • Drones are immune to all debuff conditions
  • Collecting wreckage restores 10% shields
  • Locked enemy targets suffer 20% increased damage from drones [Exclusive]
  • When a drone is destroyed, the drone has a 20% chance of being instantly reconstructed
  • Enemy support drones within 2000m range have passive abilities disrupted and disabled [Exclusive]

The full changelog of features, adjustments, fixes, and other changes included in today’s update can be found below.

Changelog – 1.1.35878


  • Added 10 new item sets (34 new items total)
  • Added 45 new item bonus attributes
  • Added 4 new catalysts
  • Added new consumable: Combat Drone
  • Added 4 new passives to each ship class, for a total of 36 new ship passives
  • Added new Tier 4 wing modules
  • Added “Randomize” function for ship colors and ship modules customization
  • Added Quickload/Quicksave
  • Added a special timed autosave within a location that is also written when collectibles are unlocked (not written during fights/missions – will be delayed)
  • Added new Khala perk that reveals any remaining secrets in a location if most of the area’s secrets have already been discovered
  • Added new Tareen perk that enables selling resources from the crafting inventory
  • Added re-rolling of bonus attributes modify action
  • [PC Only]Added “Hold To Enable” and “Hold To Disable” Inertia Dampeners control mode




  • 21:9 aspect ratio HUD improvements
  • Made sure that players coming from the demo retroactively get the “A New Home” achievement at a later point
  • Increased average number of NPCs present during “Volatile Goods” jobs
  • Renamed “Executioner” Scatter Gun to “Enforcer”
  • Vindicator drones off-screen hud marker only show when in combat
  • Castiel’s Protection legendary shield: improved the holograms’ ability to distract enemies
  • Added option to switch off Elek’s “Fire Support” perk
  • Ammo of secondary weapons is now filled up when starting an Ancient Rift
  • The 5-cube secret in “Kheimon” has been given clearer clues and confusing symbols have been removed
  • The Eclipse set buff will no longer reset its duration when switching weapons
  • Integrated community suggestions for translation improvements from Crowdin
  • The selected inventory sort mode will no longer reset when entering a new location
  • Increased maximum item shop inventory size
  • A 60 FPS frame rate limit now applies in the main menu, when paused or docked
  • Balancing: Increased Scatter Gun base damage but reduced charge damage bonus
  • Balancing: Increased Sentinel ULT “Static Overload” damage
  • Balancing: Increased Vanguard Expertise base bonus but reduced scaling limit
  • Balancing: Added more variance to individual Booster stats
  • Balancing: Slightly increased Synchro Pulse energy consumption
  • Balancing: Reduced Jaeger fire rate and range but increased base damage
  • UI: Added icon marker for set items
  • UI: Ship customization – More information about the number of unlocked modules
  • UI: UI: Ship dealer – Added additional price tag for trade-in, price colorization, and other improvements to the purchase process
  • UI: Loot container – All looted items are now shown in the on-screen log
  • UI: New HUD XP-bar appearance when max level is reached
  • UI: Restricted item modification and changing map modes during a rift
  • UI: Added missing (intro-) SFX playback on some menu screens and -pages
  • UI: Improved item handling within loot container to avoid some previously available exploits


  • Fixed that all shields had a 5s recharge delay
  • Fixed Redeemer Drone not shooting
  • Fixed that remote controlling a drone did not correctly restore visibility of health/equipment HUD in 1st person mode if “hide HUD in 1st person mode” was enabled
  • Fixed that transfer of needed item during “need repairs” type distress call was still possible while ship was exploding
  • Fixed that sometimes a ship could not be bought despite having sufficient credits
  • Fixed Outlaw Teleport Drone not firing missiles from a distance
  • Fixed that menu options that open a context window for selection could be changed with “navigate left” and “navigate right” actions, but without effect
  • Fixed Bomber not receiving the energy equivalent on secondary ammo refund
  • Fixed Energy Orbs not providing weapon energy
  • Fixed that Vanguard “device cooldown reduction for support devices” perk also reduced device duration
  • Fixed that custom resolution scaling only worked right after changing the setting, not after changing locations or loading a game
  • Fixed “Excessive Force” perk not re-initializing correctly after undocking
  • Fixed that damage done by Gunship turret and sticky turrets did not count as player-instigated damage
  • Fixed some buffs and debuffs not resetting correctly
  • Fixed that the “Symphony of Destruction” perk would trigger when killing creatures
  • Fixed a keybinding conflict regarding Spatial Bypass target location on map when having “OK” bound to “Space Bar”
  • Fixed that changing nothing but joystick deadzone(s) in keybinding screen did not lead to changes being recognized and applied
  • Fixed that HUD markers of single emitters for “trap” encounters were not immediately visible when too far away
  • Fixed “Close Call” perk not regenerating when docking
  • Fixed Time Extender not resetting correctly when leaving location while it’s activated
  • Fixed ammo exceeding max ammo after replacing high-capacity catalyst on secondaries
  • Fixed device cooldown reductions not being correctly displayed in HUD
  • Fixed that plasma harvester states were not saved
  • Fixed potential controller stick drift in supralight/photo mode
  • Fixed that no standing/credits were deducted from “Ramen Delivery” jobs if drone was destroyed during 2nd or 3rd delivery
  • [Windows] Fixed mouse wheel scrolling problems in Missions screen
  • [Xbox|PS5] Fixed that on very first start the spoken language was not set to German when [Xbox|PS5]’s language is set to German
  • [Steam] Fixed that language was not automatically set to Steam’s language on very first start after install
  • [Steam] Fixed that game freezes when selling too many items at once
  • UI: Fixed multiple issues when scrolling through savegame selection (mostly gamepad related)
  • UI: Fixed HUD loot log when more than 10 items were looted at once
  • UI: Ship customization – Fixed multiple smaller issues and inconsistencies regarding navigation and selection of menu entries
  • UI: Fixed secondary item icons being displayed smaller than others in HUD log
  • UI: Fixed multiple issues with buttons shown in footer of a different in-game menu tab
  • UI: Fixed scrolling of item stat cards within a loot container
  • UI: Fixed Data sub tab fade-in animation getting stuck in some cases
  • UI: Fixed item log showing the available stack amount of crafting resources from shops instead of the purchased amount
  • UI: Fixed multiple issues regarding the amount selection widget, some of which could ultimately lead to invalid item states

A roadmap for Everspace 2 has also been released by Rockfish. In December, The Art of Everspace 2 will be released featuring 280 pages of art from the game. Then in Spring 2024, the second free update, called Incursions, will be released. This will add new legendaries, front and engine ship modules, revamped endgame, and bug fixes. Then in Summer 2024, the developer team will be at gamescom.

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