Alan Wake 2 Guide – How to find all the Words of Power and what they do

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Alan Wake 2 sees Alan trapped in the Dark Place and trying to escape, but even though he can literally rewrite the story of the world, the odds are stacked against him in this twisted survival horror game. One of the keys to making it out is finding as many of Alan Wake 2’s Words of Power are possible.

So, what are Words of Power, and how can you find and use them?

What are Alan Wake 2 Words of Power?

Words of Power in Alan Wake 2 are effectively character buffs and upgrades for Alan. Instead of having an RPG-style XP and levelling system, you hunt down these Words of Power in the form of word spirals, each of which is a specific type of word, and then spend them on a range of perks at the desk in Alan’s Writer’s Room.

Does Saga have Words of Power in Alan Wake 2?

As her story is set in the real world and can’t bend reality just by writing, Saga Anderson does not have Words of Power, like Alan does. Instead she has a similar character buff system based around bracelet charms.

Alan Wake 2 Words of Power arrows

How to find the Words of Power in Alan Wake 2

As you’re (carefully) exploring the nightmarish vision of New York, keep an eye out for yellow arrows that flare in the reflected light of Alan’s torch. Once you’ve found an arrow, look and go in the direction that it’s pointing to find the next arrow and the next, until you eventually find the spiral of words.

Now just shine your light on it and the word will be available to spend in the Writer’s Room.

Find Alan Wake 2 word spirals

The tricky part is that the spirals might be tucked away in some obscure places, hidden behind destructible objects, and more.

Can the Sheriff Tim Breaker help?

Sheriff Tim Breaker (Shawn Ashmore) is a rare friendly face to find in this shadowy world, and he can help you find some Words of Power. As you explore, Keep an ear out for his humming behind doors, up stairwells and more, and go to say hello.

Alan Wake 2 Sheriff Breaker

He’s been trying to map the world, and once you’ve had a little chat you can have a look at what he’s marked down, which highlights areas and regions where Words of Power are tucked away.

Thanks Tim!

All Alan Wake 2 Words of Power

Alan Wake 2 Words of Power desk drawer

Here’s all of the Words and stat and abiltty buffs that they provide:

Words of Fix

  • Wellness Retreat – Increase maximum health (3 tiers)
  • God Rays – Increases max amount of health restored in Safe Havens (3 tiers)
  • Wheels Within Wheels – Restores % of max health when a new Word of Power is discovered (2 tiers)

 Words of Gun

  • Roulette – Provides % chance to not consume ammo when firing the Revolver (3 tiers)
  • Personal Space – Increases knockback force of Alan’s Shotgun (3 tiers)
  • Sunny Skies – Increases Flare Gun projectiles area of effect (3 tiers)

Words of War

  • Full Stop – Increases damage dealt by the last bullet in the Revolver’s chamber (3 tiers)
  • Paint the Town – Increases Double-Barrelled Shotgun damage when hitting multiple enemies with one shot (3 tiers)
  • Goes Around – Restores % of max health when landing a direct hit with the Flare Gun (3 tiers)

Words of Stuff

  • Tourist Map – Marks all nearby resources and points of interest on Wake’s map (1 Tier)
  • Magic Pocket – Expands Alan’s inventory by 1 row (1 Tier)
  • Battery – Adds one Charge to Alan’s Flashlight (1 Tier)

Words of Aid 

  • Torchbearer – Increases Hand Flare’s area of effect by % and duration (3 tiers)
  • ER – Increases effectiveness of Trauma Pads (3 tiers)
  • Prescription – Increases effect duration of Painkillers (3 tiers)

Words of Action

  • It’s Personal – Increases damage dealt to enemies in close proximity (3 tiers)
  • Never There – Makes Alan harder for enemies to detect (3 tiers)
  • Turning Tables – Decreases damage received from the Darkness Projectiles (3 tiers)

Words of Lamp

  • Main Attraction – Restores % of max health when using Flashlight Boost on Hostile Shadows (3 tiers)
  • In The Headlights – Provides % chance to stun enemies on Flashlight Boost (3 tiers)
  • Lucky Strike – Provides % chance to regain a Flashlight Charge on killing an enemy (3 tiers)

Hopefully that helps you find some more of the Words of Power and get more… powerful!

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