Diablo IV Vessel of Hatred DLC announced with a new jungle setting and a brand new class

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On the opening night of BlizzCon 2023, Blizzard announced Diablo IV Vessel of Hatred, the first big DLC expansion coming to the action RPG blockbuster in late 2024.

Vessel of Hatred will pick up right after the end of Diablo IV’s main story and revive the prime evil Mephisto for another crack at corrupting and probably destroying Sanctuary. This will see players venture into a new jungle-like region of Sanctuary known to the locals as Nahantu.

You’ll naturally be able to play as any of your existing character classes, but there’s also a brand new class that is completely new to the Diablo universe. Rumour has it that this class will be called Spiritborn, but there’s nothing official on that front.

More details of Vessel of Hatred will be shared next summer, so in the meantime, continuing Diablo IV players will be wrapped up in the continuing succession of seasonal content. Season 3 of Diablo IV will bring a new weekly Dungeon called The Gauntless, with the best ranked players being noted in the Seasonal Hall of the Ancients.

Diablo 4 December 2023 christmas event

Before then the Season of Blood will feature some, uh, seasonal events for Christmas. The Midwinter Blight will start on 12th December and run for three weeks with plenty of snowy scenery and a red-cloaked menace to battle.

Patches and updates will also bring things like unique class-specific Rings, quality of life improvements for the Occultist, and a replayable Abattoir of Zir end-game event will arrive on 5th December, designed for players who have reached Level 100 and done everything else the game has to offer.

Looking back on our Diablo IV review, Gareth wrote, “Diablo IV is almost shockingly refined, with an absorbing story and addictive gameplay. The shift to always online and connected play might turn some away, and the level scaling can make combat a little same-y, but on the whole, this is still Diablo at its best. It plays very well, offers tonnes of options for tailoring your character and acquiring that all important hunt for better and better loot will keep you coming back for more.”

Source: Blizzard

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