The Invincible patch adds chapter replays and photo filters

The Invincible header artwork

The Invincible has been updated with its first patch by 11 bit Studios, adding some substantive features and fixes. One of the key additions is the chapter replay feature through the new save system, which allows players to go back and continue their campaign from different points. With a game that has multiple choices it is a feature that makes it easier to view different story paths. In addition, four new photo mode filters have been added as well as various fixes.

The Invincible patch notes

  • A new save system allowing players to revisit chapters and continue the game from a selected point
  • 4 new filters in photo mode
  • New accessibility options allowing players to hide Yasna’s helmet, helmet glass, and/or microphone
  • Optimizations to textures and render targets, load times, and visible texture loading
  • Ultrawide screen fixes
  • Fixes for various hardlock and softlock issues throughout the game
  • Animation and environmental polishing
  • Rover driving model improvements to make the rover feel less heavy
  • SFX/VFX polishing
  • Several localization typo fixes

The Invincible Review

In our The Invincible review, I wrote, “The Invincible is a novel brought to life, blending its story and stunning visuals with engaging exploration. The Invincible goes back to the roots of sci-fi, offering something both classic and new when it comes to exploring the relationship between humanity and the final frontier.”

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